Saturday, April 16, 2005

i'm bound and determined.... figure out how to put up pictures.

this is the sort of week i had.

(if something other than a rectangle with a red "x" in the middle actually shows up, it means my 547th attempt to get the link right actually worked.)

moving on........

so far this morning, i've added a new poll on my wnok webpage, checked in with various blogs, and uh.......well, not much else. oh, wait- brushed my teeth after i got to work. now there's something to be proud of.

the latest issue of rolling stone arrived a couple days ago. i love rolling stone, but it seems like every other issue is a "collector's issue" (actually, this one is just "a special issue", but you get my point), which means i should feel terribly guilty if i recycle it instead of adding it to the pile of "collector's issues" currently filling up my lobster trap. the subject of this latest one? "the immortals"- rolling stone's list of "the 100 greatest artists of all time". the first 50 were covered in a previous issue (undoubtedly gathering dust somewhere in the chaos that is my apartment), so this issue is actually the "50 slightly less great artists of all time." nine inch nails made the cut, as did guns n' roses (current incarnation excepted, i'm sure), aerosmith, frank zappa.........and somehow even eminem found a spot on the list. (i'm sure i'm in the minority, but i'm still trying to work that one out. sure, he's good at what he does, but does he really deserve to be on a list with the beatles and elvis?)

speaking of frank zappa, he's inspired me to include this site celebrating facial hair of all kinds.

i'm supposed to go hiking later today. i borrowed a book on waterfalls of the southern appalachians when i moved here........4 1/2 years ago, and since i'm off early today (the full timers are working on saturdays now), i believe i'll be heading to the upstate for a long walk. if you're really lucky, i'll make you suffer through pictures.

which reminds me- to continue the grand canyon versus new york city debate...... that should tide you over until i can scan in some of my boring grand canyon photos from last fall.

oh- i forgot to mention the horrible britney spears photo in the latest rolling stone. (it's on page 33, if you're following along at home.) even on my roughst days, i don't think i look quite that....i don't even know what word to use. manly legs, an unfortunate ugg-type boot/short dress combination- topped off with a tie. it's official- her high-quality hubby has rubbed off on her....and she's having his child, from what i hear. has anyone started a betting pool regarding how long this'll last? my money (the two bucks the irs left me with) is on less than two years.

enough cattiness.....well, maybe just a little more.

now that i know how to post pictures, remember the car i mentioned on my trip to kc... here it is

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