Saturday, April 02, 2005

spanish priests and toe wedgies

once again, i found myself checking out other random blogs this morning. i came across 2 on dyslexia, a couple trying to sell various surgical (cosmetic) procedures, and a gaggle of sites from asian schoolgirls (and twenty-somethings) valiantly attempting to type in english. i even ran across a blog kept by a priest in spain who was pondering the impending demise of the pope. this one had a great picture of pigeons....wish i could take such a fantastic photo. speaking of pigeons, i ran across a blog (but foolishly forgot to write the address down) with a terror alert featuring bert (of sesame street fame). one of these days, i'll follow the link (which i managed to scribble down) and get the alert on my page....just seemed like a fun little thing to play with. if you have a blog, leave me a comment so i can check it out, ok?


driving to work this morning, i was disapppointed to see my local gas station raised the price of gas a dime overnight. i did a double take, partially because i couldn't believe what io saw, and partially because i had to squint to see- i didn't feel like fighting with my contacts at 5:30 in the morning. i was all set to top off my tank when it was $1.99/gallon (who would've predicted that we'd be calling that price "cheap"?), but at $2.09, i believe i'll wait. i'm sure it's all a plot by the oil baron in the white house to frustrate americans to the point that we actually agree to dig up half of alaska and start drillin'. my current car (ford zx2) gets just under 30 mpg in the city, but i believe my next vehicle (another 6 or 7 years down the road) will be a hybrid....unless something even better has come along by that point.


i was told this week that i need to have more confidence. i was going to begin cultivating my new, improved, fearless self today, but i wasn't awake enough to locate my poison t shirt in the half-light. (not that wearing a poison t-shirt in public will necessarily render me bulletproof- but it's a step towards building a thicker skin.then again, i should have that sort of thing under control. after all, i walked around in public for a couple of months minus my front crown. not to mention my delightful myriad of haircolors during high school and college...) so, my backup plan today is to pretend 5 people are listening to me while i'm on the air- instead of my usual "no one's actually listening- i'm just talking to myself" angle. not that i'm ready to speak out in public yet.....that would cause too many painful flashbacks to my high school speech class........eeek.

(for some reason, i just feel like separating out my thoughts today- i'm not sure why.)

the ant bite on my foot has grown....i suppose scratching it may have had something to do with that. damn fire ants. however, i find scorpions just plain creepy, so i'm not moving westward just yet.

yesterday's shoes (adidas superstars with blue and purple metallic stripes) rubbed my bites pleasingly, but i passed on them this morning in favor of flip flops, thinking that i'f nothing rubbed the bite maybe the itching would stop, the swelling would lessen, and perhaps my ankle would return to its normal size. the downside of flip-flops quickly became evident. it's been so long since i last wore a pair that the thong part is bothering the space between my big toe and the shorter (or longer, depending on the foot) on next to it. it's akin to the way your foot feels when you first put on a toe ring....or when you wear a thong for the first time and feel like you have a permanent wedgie. (my apologies to the spanish priest randomly browsing other people's blogs, in the event he's had the misfortune to stumble upon mine.) sorry guys- i don't know how to put the feeling in terms you can relate to....if i think of an example later, i'll try to remember to add it.

that's it- time for me to flip-flop down the hall and get some actual work done....or maybe i'll just peruse a few more blogs.........

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NJ said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and if you move north, there's no fire ants or scorpions. That's because the thirty below tempratures in the winter kill everything but mosquitos. :-)