Wednesday, April 27, 2005

i'm naked!

duff naked

me naked!

now, now- don't get all excited. i haven't been prancing around the apartment in the buff with the shades up again- not lately, anyway. (remind me to tell you about the incident that inspired me to cease that particular practice.......)

i went to the orthodontist this afternoon. my teeth are now being pulled around my mouth by wires so strong that i'm pretty sure if i could figure out how to pop one out of my mouth, i could use it to tow a small truck. somewhere between rewiring my crown (otherwise i'd look pretty backwoods trailer trash-y) and trimming the wires, we sort of forgot to put on my colored bands. so, all you see are my clear brackets and metallic wires. this is no fun at all. it's like walking around without a swatch on- i feel boring and...naked.
ah well, i can get colors put on again in 8 weeks- sooner if something falls out or goes "sproing!".

in other news, i had a hard to refuse offer today. it's certainly far from carved in stone, but i'm currently pondering whether i could put my life on hold for 4 to 6 weeks to take advantage of a great opportunity. hmm.....maybe nothing will come of it, and then i won't be tempted in the slightest. otherwise, you can expect to see me in full-fledged freak out mode in a couple of weeks.

that's it for tonight. i should start packing, but i'm ready to drop. i'm looking forward to another early morning- have to beat the kids to school so i can finish setting up next week's projects. somehow i seem to work the hardest right before vacation.......


Yvonne said...

You have infinite patience to go with braces (Thank heavens I've never needed them).

What is the offer? Are you going to keep us in suspense? Whatever the case, I hope it's all GREAT news for you!

Ron the Nightshifter said...

to be honest with you thats really when the work starts is when vacation come or a few days off.About the braces GOOOOOOOD luck.