Monday, April 11, 2005

i have a good excuse....

this'll probably be short and only semi entertaining. i'd apologize, but what can you expect from me on a monday?

i just noticed the calendar beside my computer is still on march. i could get up and do something about it, but the act of standing up might be seen as exercise.....and i've lost all interest in that over the span of the evening.

i'm in workout clothes, mind you, but i sort of lost any motivation i had when i wandered over to the workout room and found out (the hard way, of course) that the code to the doors had been changed. this was a bit puzzling, since the sign on the door said the new code would take effect tomorrow. perhaps one of our maintainence men got a little overzealous.

so, after a workout consisting of pressing various combinations of numbers (while uttering various combinations of less-than-polite words) and giving the door a good kick and/or shove every three tries, i came home. perhaps i'll get a little further along tomorrow.

since i have yet to drag myself to the store and locate the o-zone album no one else cares about but me, i spent a good five minutes trying to figure out which selection from my vast assortment of cds to put into my discman while i worked out. i finally settled on "big audio dynamite II", which i haven't listened to in a good five years. (sometimes, i just get in the mood to hear "rush" and "the globe" and "innocent child"- makes me nostalgic for whfs in the baltimore/d.c. area. i was heartbroken when i read in rolling stone a few months ago that they'd become a spanish station........)

where was i? oh, right- i was all set to listen to my b.a.d. II cd, but i guess it'll have to wait until tomorrow's workout attempt.

make that wednesday. the second season of the a-team comes out on dvd tomorrow, and i can't for the life of me remember if that was the season when boy george guest starred (as "cowboy george") twice. in the face of such important, necessary research, i believe the treadmill will have to take a beating from someone else....if they can get in the door.

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