Friday, April 08, 2005

not the least bit amusing, unfortunately

i've been flipping through other people's blogs again. there were the usual sales pitches, the photo albums (i know i said i'd try to get some on here- i'm a little slow. one of these days, though.....), and a few i actually stopped to read.

i really liked the pictures here. (and i have a sneaking suspicion that a sculpture by keith haring was featured in one of the shots, which only made me like the photo more.)

i scribbled down the address to this one, just because one day i want to be this amusing. ("american bidet" caused me to fall out of my chair- and folks wondered what was behind the maniacal laughter. guess i should learn to show a little more restraint.)

finally, the author of this blog mentioned duran duran, so of course i had to scribble down the address. (too bad they are not coming anywhere near south carolina on their latest tour....i would've driven a few hours to see them again. as for the forty-something ladies squeezed into outfits that last fit in the early nineties, and were last fashionable about five years prior...... notsomuch.)

enough about other people's interesting blogs, let's talk about ME.

more specifically, let's talk about taking a group of two year olds to the zoo......on a day when it seems just about every other school in south carolina has sent a class to the very same zoo. it was almost as if there was a youth summit, and we were simply another set of delegates. fortunately, when it threatened to rain, many folks headed out. since i'm certainly not made of sugar, we toughed it out. (after all, it was just a light sprinkle, and since we just talked about weather last week, i figured i could use the "teaching opportunity to mask the truth- that i wasn't ready to head back to school yet. besides, the kids weren't worn out enough yet, which is always my goal.)

riverbanks zoo just welcomed a baby koala into the world a couple of months ago (after some "is she or isn't she?" speculation rivalled only by that currently surrounding britney spears), and we (okay- i) had hoped to catch a glimpse of the little one. assuming the camera worked (and i get my film developed in a semi-timely manner), i'll have some sort of picture up by......june. we also have tigers (i am pleased to report that none of my kids wandered off into that exhibit), elephants, gorillas (didn't get that far today), and the like. sure beats that exciting chinchilla exhibit i saw in my former town (which shall remain nameless, except i was just there for a wedding a couple weeks back).

after lunch, we spent time in the birdhouse, watching the penguins. well, let me adjust that statement just slightly- the big people watched the penguins, while the kids ran around like screaming maniacs because one of the penguins was swimming. (you would think that after that they would all take huge naps.......but that was not to be.) we followed that with a trip through the reptile/amphibian/fish house (of course, we had to find nemo), and then figured the kids would be tired enough that we could take them back to school and have a couple of hours of peace.

didn't happen. try five kids napped, while two reprised their penguin antics, which eventually woke the others up. (that should be used as justification for a pay raise throughout the field of childcare.)

oh- the highlight of the car ride to the zoo was my passenger screaming "look! a mcdonald's!" heading home, the highlight was finding a baby turtle in the zoo parking lot. i showed it to my passengers (they multiplied!) and then moved it to the grass- about fifteen feet ahead of where he'd been. (i didn't want to discourage the poor thing, and the middle of the road just wasn't a good place for a baby turtle.) the rest of the trip was a three-way discussion about baby turtles getting smushed by cars and how that was why i'd picked up the baby turtle and moved him. (of course, with two year olds, a conversation usually means three sentences were repeated about twelve times.)

not entertaining either? dammit. i will have to work harder. perhaps i'll find something inspiring tomorrow. i have another wedding to attend after work. backup #2 is getting hitched, and though i've threatened to stand up during the "any objections?" part, i've yet to work out what i'm actually going to say. (somehow "you can't marry her! you're my backup, for heaven's sake!" just doesn't seem appropriate.) i may be saved the trouble- the groom said something about taking that part out of the vows, thus thwarting my plan.

wait a minute- i did find something highly amusing that even you, the descriminating reader might appreciate. as we were flipping through news programs this evening, the caption on one of the stations (it may have been fox news, but i'm not entirely sure) said (and i kid you not) "thongs mourn pope". not "throngs", but "thongs" i'm afraid i was far too tickled with the mental picture of several million pairs of underwear attending the pope's funeral. i mean, i'm sure some of the mourners had selected that form of undergarment, but george bush (and dubya) was there- and if they sport racy drawers, i really would rather not know. (you know what i just realized? this is the second time i've blogged about thongs and the clergy in the same post in less than a week. strange how these things just keep coming up together, eh?)

okay- maybe it wasn't that amusing. (well, it was to me.) before i get fussed at for making light of a funeral, let me say it was a sad occurrence. it's also a little depressing to realize how many significant people have died lately- dead or alive (not the group) lists five folks in the past six days- and that timeframe doesn't include frank perdue or the media circus in florida. (it's tax season, but i'm almost willing to bet more people have recently set up wills (both living and regular), but still don't have their taxes done.)

damn- two unamusing entries in a row. sorry about that. i'll try to do better tomorrow- perhaps sleep will help.....or finally watching my new "young einstein" dvd.........

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Yvonne said...

Thanks so much for the compliment, darling. I find you to be a GREAT read, too, and I'll be back soon! Just wait 'til you hear about the worst date I ever had....

A word of warning about the "thong-thing" - these things usually strike in threes. Gasp.