Monday, April 04, 2005

beware the low flying shoes

i'm wiped out. i suppose not getting home from work until 3 a.m. will do that to a person....especially when they're supposed to show up at the other workplace about 5 hours later. ugh. i am ready to drop. seems like just last week i could pull off the all work/no sleep schedule.....heck, i had nothing but late nights in college. i must be getting old. dammit.

do you remember that tree in the peanuts comic strip that ate kites? i was outside playing with the gang of two year olds today- it was 80 degrees this afternoon. (we may not get many snow days- oh, how i miss those- but we get to wear shorts in march...if not earlier.) i got out a set of three frisbees i'd snagged for my classroom, and threw them for the kids to retrieve. all went well for the first 15 minutes, and then i started aiming for a tall pine tree....thinking the kids would be amazed if i could throw the frisbees between the branches. it worked about the third attempt, and then i foolishly tried to repeat the feat......and one of the frisbees got stuck between a couple of smaller branches. whoops. so, when one frisbee is stuck, what's the most logical way to get it out?

~carolina pines (i have no idea what the technical term may be) don't have any low branches, so climbing the tree was out.

~i'm short, and there was a hill involved, so most schemes involving ladders were out of the question.

~if i'd thrown a stick, approximately nine two year olds would have started throwing sticks......and it's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye

so, i did the rational thing- threw another frisbee at the first one in an attempt (well, many attempts- i have bad aim) to dislodge frisbee #1 and get it back on the i could throw it again, of course.

you guessed it- frisbee #2 got stuck.

well, heck- i still had one more frisbee left, and after aiming for both of the stuck ones (and missing terribly), that one wound up the tree's captive as well.

hmm.....what to throw next? throwing sticks was already ruled out, and pinecones really aren't any better, and two year olds are kinda heavy.(if any parents are reading this, I AM ONLY KIDDING. i would never throw a child. drop kicking however, is another matter. (KIDDING AGAIN- don't fire me!)

the kids came up with several solutions- mostly waiting until mom or dad came and then asking them to retrieve the frisbees for us. (several parents got a good laugh out of that one.) finally, one of my alumni was kind enough to lend me a shoe to throw. it took about half an hour of shoe-tossing, and there were a few close calls (the shoe almost didn't make it back down a couple of which point we would have- you guessed it- thrown the other shoe), but eventually all three frisbees returned to terra firma and we headed inside.

maybe that's why i'm so tired. frisbee/shoe throwing was quite a workout.....

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