Wednesday, April 13, 2005

obligatory tax post (and another one bites the dust)

it happened again.

i squatted down to pick up something (someone? can't remember exactly.....), and my descent toward the floor was punctuated by an unnerving "RIIIPPPP". dammit. that was my second pair of comfortable khakis to bite the dust this month. i suppose maybe next paycheck i should head to the store and resupply. (this paycheck seems to be going to uncle sam, who feels the need to help himself to more of my money.....despite already getting a good chunk of the $27K i toiled 60 hours/week to earn this past year.)

nope- my taxes aren't done yet. the guy i suckered into doing them says i owe somewhere in the ballpark of $500. (keep in mind, i have $4500 of braces that should come off my taxes, but somehow it comes out looking more like $4.50.) i told him to take another shot at my taxes and somehow change my bill into a refund. we'll see how that works out. mama has already volunteered to figure my taxes for me next year......i think i may have promised to take her to bermuda with the refund, but i didn't put it in writing, just in case it's a very small one. (refund, not trip....though i seriously doubt i could afford a big trip anywhere.....including one to the grocery store.)

i'm pleased to report i finally switched my wall calendar today. now, i'm staring at oscar the grouch (and slimey the worm) instead of super grover. i thought about switching it to may a couple weeks early, since i'll be away from the calendar april 29th-may 8th, but that seemed almost too ambitious. besides, i like slimey.

the weather today was crappy. hopefully it'll clear up by the weekend. i'm supposed to go hiking in the mountains on saturday, in preparation for the upcoming trip to the grand canyon. i don't think i'm in too bad a shape- not bikini form, mind you- but i suppose we'll see how i'm feeling sunday morning. besides, it'll be good to get out, and it might provide a photo opportunity or two for the gnomes. (as if i had the pictures from the kansas city road trip uploaded yet- i know.)

i'm trying to remember if anything else moderately interesting happened today.......pants was crappy....changed calendar.....nah- i guess that's about it. perhaps i'll have something more inspiring for you tomorrow.....a link....a amusing sound bite....or maybe not. after all- don't want to push myself too much- i need to concentrate on finding more things to take off my taxes.

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NJ said...

You can deduct work clothes, like khakis, for example. :-)