Monday, April 18, 2005

up late again

i should've headed home an hour ago, but as usual, i wasn't done with the projects i'd dragged into work this morning. (i definitely didn't get around to reading the sunday paper. it just hasn't been the same since they stopped running the opus comic strip several months ago.)

.....or maybe i was done and just hadn't finished playing around on the internet yet.

i want to tinker with this template, but i haven't figured out exactly what i want to wind up with yet. perhaps i'll be inspired this week. right now some sort of a blue wave effect seems appealing, but i am sure i'll have something new in my head in the morning.

speaking of things in my head, have you been to ebaum's world lately? i found the latest off color animation from group x there. (it's pg-13, as is most of their stuff...just so you know.) i suppose they needed some sort of public service announcement to follow this one.

anyway, in addition to getting updated on the latest from ebaum's world, i finally cashed in an gift certificate from 8 months ago. it took me a little while to figure out what i was doing, but the long-coveted o-zone cd should be shipped tomorrow, followed by a duran duran tribute cd i'd last seen in college- it's supposed to get shipped wednesday. it'd be fantastic if both were here in time for the big trip at the end of the month.

speaking of trips, i finally got some of the kansas city road trip pictures up.....perhaps i'll even get some sort of album together for my wnok webpage.

not tonight, though- i need to get home and crawl into bed.

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