Sunday, April 17, 2005

look, ma! no hands!

made it back from yesterday's trip to the upstate in one piece. (i was convinced for about half an hour last night that i'd encountered some poison ivy, but after scrubbing my skin off with poison ivy soap, i'm feeling much better.)

we went to raven cliff falls in caesar's head state park. we did the weenie hike to the scenic overlook. there's actually a suspension bridge that goes across the top of the waterfall. the hike to that puppy is next weekend's project, if time permits.

f stop at Caesar's Head State Park

we stopped at the visitor's center.
(sorry- the gnome's more photogenic than i currently am.)

Caesar's Head State Park in South Carolina
the view from the top

Raven Cliff Falls

raven cliff falls, from the scenic overlook

Despair Trail Caesar's Head State Park

a smaller waterfall we found along the "despair" trail.

as you can see, i'm happily abusing my newfound ability to post pictures.

you can find more pictures from the hike here and here.

you can get a gnome of your own here.

perhaps i'll post something witty and entertaining later on this evening......


kmac said...

Thanks for the B-day card and I won't even use your "real" and (in my humble opinion) beautiful name. I enjoyed your writing, and of course, it makes me smile to think of you with 2 year olds..........

SK said...

Whew...thank god it wasn't a poison ivy.

duff said...

no kidding. i used to get nailed by poison ivy all the time when i was younger. that's why i invested in some poison ivy soap a while back and make a habit of keeping it at the top of the heap under my sink, so i can find it after traipsing through the wilderness.