Thursday, April 14, 2005

my dishes are plotting against me.

i am pleased to report that only one dish was harmed during the preproduction of this entry. i got a phone call from one of the guys behind gnomads this evening. during the half hour conversation, i dropped one bowl and sent a cookie sheet flying. some of the crumbs fell off the cookie sheet, but it was otherwise unscathed. the bowl, however, wasn't so lucky.

anyway- exciting things to come....once i figure out my plan of attack. bodhi's currently on a honeymoon in italy right now, so i suppose i have some time to get caught up on pictures.

in other news, i did not rip the pants i wore today. (feel free to applaud.) i am still bundled up in my overalls, thanks to the erratic south carolina weather. hard to believe it was 80 degrees earlier this week. thankfully, the weather seems to be clearing up and we should be in for a nice, hike-friendly weekend. (not that i'm looking forward to it, or anything- of course.)

oh- the dishes. it seems that every dish i own has wound up in the sink or on the counter, in a non-reusable state. i was waiting for the dish fairy to show up and take care of the situation, but i guess the bribe wasn't big enough. so, load one was placed in the dishwasher with tongs, and when i'm feeling a little braver, perhaps i'll open the dishwasher up and see if any of the petrified food particles have actually separated themselves from the dishes. in the meantime, i think i overheard whatever is lurking at the bottom of the sink planning to stage a revolt.

i was a bad, bad girl today. i don't want to give uncle sam more of my money, but giving it to best buy seemed like a good idea. remember the a team, season two dvd set i wanted. well, it's now mine- including the "supercharged special feature: brother's keeper (knight rider episode)". what? you didn't know there was a knight rider/a team episode? funny, me either.

so, i have another new dvd set to collect dust, but i struck out on my quest for the o-zone cd. in fact, when i asked about it, the sales guy informed me he'd been there three years and had never heard of o-zone. nor had he heard of the numa numa dance. (come to think of it, this guy didn't look like he got out much....all the more reason for him to have known about the numa numa dance.)so, i guess i'll have to bite the bullet and pay for shipping from some random internet outfit for that one.

also, i had one other disappointment while perusing the cd selection at best buy. they have a box set (something to the effect of "i want my 80's box") that claims to have the big hits from the era of excess- or some crap like that. that one wound up back on the shelf after i discovered:

~the only songs it would have added to my collection were "let it whip" by the dazz band, and "steppin' out" by joe jackson. (not so interesting story: when "stppin' out" first came out, i was very young- kindergarten/first grade, maybe. i watched videos on the pbs program "color sounds", which i'm sure no one but me remembers. it was also my introduction to my favorite video of all time, which is neither here nor there. anyway, during the program, they printed the song title and name of the artist in the corner, just like mtv. (back in the day, when they played videos.) i vividly remember seeing joe jackson's name and thinking "that's funny- he doesn't look like one of michael's brothers." now, of course, he could be michael's brother.)

~inxs was not featured in the collection- not even "need you tonight"

~there was nothing on the three disc set by duran duran, either.

i briefly thought about buying the cure b-sides/rarities set, but wandered off to the music video section instead.....which i wandered back out of after realizing someone desperately needed to just toss everything on the floor and try that whole "alphabetization" thing i've heard so much about.

enough for now- the revolution in my sink needs to be discouraged- either with another load in the dishwasher or the militant dinnerware hitting the floor.

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