Monday, April 25, 2005

it's been a monday- i could use a laugh.

just in case you wondered, this was my introduction to citrus- and, incidentally, the funniest thing i've read in awhile. i read it to my mom over the phone over the weekend, and thank goodness she's a fairly patient person, because i had to stop several times midsentence because i was laughing too hard to speak.

maybe it won't cause you to laugh so hard that tears stream down your cheeks while you gasp desperately for air......but it should at least make you smile.

other things that make me smile:

~"real genius" it's my favorite movie of all time- ever since i figured out the bits of this val kilmer movie that i kept catching on sunday afternoon tv were pieces of "real genius"- not "weird science", as i'd first thought. could you think of a more satisfyingly quotable movie? i mean, i ask guys about their hammering abilities all the time. it just naturally works its way into a conversation, y'know?

~new tennis shoes. i could care less about the fancy stuff- and please don't ask me to walk in standard heels, because i will wind up on the floor with a mangled ankle (or two) as soon as i stand up- i'm sure of it. plus, i don't look like i'm old enough to wear heels- it'd be like a six year old playing dress up with mom's shoes. but tennis shoes.....i'm all over it (nikes excepted.)

~steamed crabs. ah, the memories of saturday afternoons spent picking the meat out of a couple of paper grocery bags worth of crabs. there was so much old bay seasoning on those suckers you'd have to dip them in water before you started picking.

although, there was that one summer when i boycotted the crab picking party. i'd gotten it into my head that crab consumption was cruel. too bad the chesapeake is so polluted now that supply can't keep up with demand and a dozen crabs will cost you the equivalent of a car payment.

that aside, steamed crabs make me smile.....and reach for a seafood pick.

~keith haring's artwork.

~guacamole. saying it, eating it- assuming it's not that avocado jello they sell in the stores. (i believe "dean's" is the brand. have you ever looked at the ingredients? avocados are listed, like twelfth. that horrifies me.) homemade guacamole, however, makes me smile.

i could think of more stuff, or i could settle in with a bowl of crab soup, a bag of chips and a bowl of salsa, and disc 1, episode 3 of the a-team, season two. it's not the episode where the good ol' boys see boy george in concert, but i believe it'll entertain and amuse nonetheless.


Larry said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, for several reasons.

1)Your posts are hilarious.
2)You made me realize I left Real Genius off my favorites. An oversite that has been rectified. It took me years to find it at a video store. Two months ago my seaching ended.
3)Today you introduced me to Citrus. I thought I took things too far sometimes. Now I know I am OK.

Yvonne said...

You've covered all the bases, sweetie: Food, Art, Fashion, and Film... and Feces! I feel satisfied. Hope your Tuesday goes better than your Monday.