Tuesday, April 26, 2005

believe it or not, i'm walking on air....

no- i haven't given in to my new tennis shoe cravings....for some reason, the theme song to "the greatest american hero" has been running through my head for the past half hour- and i'm not sure why. i have yet to break the plastic on the dvd, and i've done nothing to inspire such a tune to pop into my head. first i listened to my depeche mode remixes set. then, i decided i wanted to hear len (the group that sang "steal my sunshine" 5 or so years ago)....but i didn't get to put the cd into my stereo before my computer froze up and refused to unlock itself. ah- nothing like a prepentium. (or maybe it's a pentium 1- i'm not sure, and really don't care, as long as it does what i need it to, at least 90% of the time.)

anyway, i had to switch computers to type in the first part of my avon order, and i'm too lazy to find the remote to turn on the living room setup. so, here i sit in silence, except for the three lines that keep repeating themselves in my head.

i have a couple more things to do to my blog, and then i'm done tinkering with it for a while. i need to set up links to a couple of other blogs i frequent (i'm such a voyeur!), and i'm still working on colors. perhaps i'll mess with it over vacation...or perhaps i'll be too busy exploring. (don't fret- i'll keep you updated every couple of days, if possible.)

i've got a busy day ahead. first, i'm going to attempt to go in to work early. (perhaps, for once, i'll actually get my butt pried out of bed early enough to pull it off!) i'm getting off work early so my orthodontist can tinker with my braces (blue bands off, green ones on, recement the hook-y bracket that keeps snagging on things and coming off, et cetera.), and then i have to drop off a couple of orders on the way to my mechanic's, where my chariot will have its oil changed, spark plugs replaced, and hopefully nothing else major. then, it's off to keith and rhonda's for dinner. after that, i head back home and finish my avon order.

oh- and i guess i should start packing at some point, too.

stuff i need to pack (part one):
~other various toiletries (everything you'd expect, except makeup. if val kilmer shows up at the front door while i'm on vacation, i'll make him wait an extra minute while i hunt through my host's cabinets looking for something i can slap on my face to make myself look presentable.)
~socks (i should probably wash some of those first.)
~water-friendly sandals
~trail running shoes (already at destination, along with hiking clothes)
~other running shoes (for once, i actually have a pair picked out in advance.)
~unmentionables (including those spiffy liquid bras- thank you, frederick's, for making me look like i need to bother with a foundation undergarment)
~jeans/shorts (with the recent demise of my khakis (being cut up as we speak so the material can be reused in art projects at school), as well as a couple of pairs of shorts, i seem to be running low on lower body coverings. maybe i should remedy the situation whiole i have my credit card out anyway.)
~shirts (a thousand times over, check.)
~digital camera (for pictures i can easily post)
~fancy pentax camera (for pictures i want to keep)
~waterproof cameras (in case i drop something in the drink whilen kayaking)
~batteries for 2 out of 3 pervious items
~address book/stamps (to support my postcard habit)
~money (know any good sugar daddies who'd like to support me for the next week and a half? me either.)
~credit card (in case those sugar daddy suggestions don't pan out.)
~discman/batteries (easy)
~music for discman (not so easy. this part of packing always takes me the longest. i have too many favorites to fit into one case, and i'd take exclusively stuff i haven't listened to, but what if i get an inxs craving, for example?)

any musical recommendations? (keep in mind the sugar daddy who will finance my trip to the record store has yet to arrive.)

i'm tapped out after buying a new pez dispenser tonight at a craft store. i was there for other reasons- nothing like having 12 kids in your class and 11 totebags for a mother's day project. oops. $36 later (i was buying some other stuff, too), there i was in line, waiting on a little old lady who was writing a check to pay for her $3 skein of yarn, and i noticed that they've come out with sour flavored pez. i was intrigued by the thought of watermelon flavored pez, so i bought a watermelon dispenser, which came with three packs of candy, obscured by some helpful leaflet outlining how you can buy a box of simpsons pez dispensers for $17.95, or something like that. anyway, i brought my new utensil home (it IS SO a utensil- it serves food, doesn't it?), unwrapped it, wondered once again why i can't get all the candy into the dispenser in one shot, like it shows in the diagram, and discovered all of my candy was pineapple flavored. blech. out of the four new flavors (pineapple, blue raspberry, sour apple, and watermelon), pineapple was not exactly my first, second, or third choice.

perhaps i could use these unwanted pez to bribe someone to find the remote for me.


Yvonne said...

I will be spending the next HOUR at the Pez site. VERY cool. Happy packing! My musical recommendation for your trip: "DIVA" by Annie Lennox. It's one of those "if you were on a desert island" CD's.

Yvonne said...

Oh, and absolutely ANYTHING by Aimee Mann.

Larry said...

Start out with a little TMBG-John Henry, then jump to Faith No More-Angel Dust, throw in Billy Joel-Greatest Hits Vol 1-2, and finish it off with The Killers-Hot Fuss(I just can't stop listening to this one)

If this doesn't do it for you, you can never go wrong with any DMB or TOOL.

BTW thanks for getting the greatest american hero song tuck in my head i will be singing it all night.