Thursday, April 21, 2005

ack- i can't see to take a picture!

since last night's entry took three attempts before my computer finally took the hint and allowed blogger to publish the post i'd slaved over for half an hour, fifteen minutes, and five minutes, respectively, this evening's entry will be relatively short. (besides, it's hard to see when your left eye is watering as if you'd just realized you'd wasted $9.50 on an otherwise promising 3 hour epic- starring kevin costner.)

anyway, i just finished sorting through the latest treasures delivered to my mailbox. (99% mine, 0% my dad's- we may even be getting somewhere here!)

there was a letter from self magazine with "best wishes in your new home!" cheerily printed on the envelope- in pink, no less. (if you have not done so already, you can read about my recent battle with the post office in one of february's entries, titled something like "you've got mail- not necessarily your own". there was a follow up, too- but the title escapes me right now, and i'd hate for you to have to plow through a bunch of really boring entries about my zits and cockroaches (not mine) just to find it. really- it wasn't all that funny anyway.)

speaking of magazines, playboy has graciously offered once again to add me to their mailing list for only $1 an issue! great! too bad i'm a chick, and the only time i ever looked at the magazine was during a dry spell in college when i'd gotten tired of women's magazines and wanted to see if the men's articles were any better.(nope- though the jokes in men's magazines have proven far more useful than the articles concerning "100 ways to wear your hair" that appear in 9 out of 10 women's magazines.) somehow, i can't see wasting twelve bucks for that- hef will just have to find someone else to help pay the nail polish expenses for his bevy of babes. i rarely manage to paint my own nails........

i tore up some fabulous offer to earn 12,000 extra miles on one of the five airlines that consider me a frequent flyer, all for a low APR of 21%. no thanks, i run up more than enough debt on my credit card- i don't need any help. besides, i think i have enough miles with one of the airlines (of course i'm not sure which one- are you kidding?) to fly from the columbia airport to the parking lot of the columbia airport. yep- real worthwhile, those memberships.

my grandma wrote to send me a replacement check for the christmas check i have yet to cash. oops. has it really been that long? i meant to deposit it with another christmas check and buy myself a nice little savings bond, when the interest rate improved a little. oops. perhaps my financial institution in missouri will still honor these carefully aged pieces of paper. i should send her an email or something.

yep, grandma's hip. i believe she has a web tv, though it could just be an old-fashioned computer. on the other hand, mama is being dragged kicking and screaming into the technological age. she has a computer (i believe she's up to three- her i-book, a school issued laptop, and some sort of backup computer, just in case the other two decide they don't like her anymore), but- brace yourself- she does not have home internet access. (i warned you- hope the shock isn't too much.) in fact, to view this blog, she has to fire up the computer at work and try to convince the machine that the .html suffix on my webpage does not stand for "hotmail". (the filters they have on high school computers these days.......) perhaps two screens (room for error) and one quietly muttered string of expletives (mid-error) later, here she is. (hi mama!)

so i was more than a little surprised to hear she'd invested in a digital camera. (this was prefaced with "i've been a very bad girl," which generally means anything from "i almost got fired for telling [insert random person] to [something suggestive, most likely involving planting lips on a derriere]" to "i almost got fired for pantomiming how to [who knows- depends on the sort of day she's had]". on rare occasions, mama has made a major purchase- as was the case today.) what's more, she bought herself a 4.1 megapixel digital camera, a carrying case, and (i was especially proud of this part) an extra memory stick, so she can take 100 photos, instead of the dozen her camera originally allowed.

that's 100 pictures of my watery eye that i could've taken with her spiffy new camera this evening. perhaps i should raise it to a couple thousand with a set of decent memory sticks for her birthday. i wonder how much that'd come to at 21% interest........


Anonymous said...

The camera comes with the capacity of 2 shots.

da sister said...

When I had found out about the digital camera, I nearly dropped the phone and wondered if the hell had frozen over. The part mom probably didn't tell you was that when I asked her how many megapixals the camera had, she started laughing uncomfortably......she didn't know what they were. So I tried to educate her about it before she talked to you. It's scary about how mom is so not a techie, yet she's got a more current computer, an awesome dvd-r/VCR combo, and a digital camera now....mama's more advanced than me!!!!!!! However, according to Maine, since she doesn't have internet, she's still living in poverty. I told her she should demand to see her welfare checks!!!!