Sunday, April 24, 2005

my duckie fetish is officially out in the open

how do you like the facelift? i need to tinker with some colors, but it's an improvement over the overused template i'd been working with, don't you think?

i'll get my "real" post up later this evening, when i can access the pictures i took yesterday and maybe figure out how to get a short video put on here.


Yvonne said...

You never needed a facelift, darling, but it looks GREAT! The "sparkly fade-in" effect is very special FX - ish. I'm impressed.

I've linked to you. You'll never get rid of me now!

duff said...

i can't believe you linked to me- i feel so special now :)

Anonymous said...

Duff * why do you hide behind a pseudonym * -

what is the infatuation with these gnomes!

we are stalking you IRL

sojourning crow said...

your taste iun films is excellent. cool pics!!