Tuesday, April 19, 2005

b.a., hannibal, faceman, and murdock save the day- but not my aching head

i finally set the a-team: season two free from its cellophane prison this evening. (yes, i am mildly ashamed that it took me a week to get around to it, but after all, it took them HOW LONG to release the season two dvds? i need to ration the episodes, lest i run into the same problem i had with season one- finish the entire set in two weeks, then wait several months for the next installment.)

even twenty-something years later (23, for you anal-retentive folks out there), the a-team still put things in perspective. no matter how bad my day has been, at least i didn't have to fight my way through gunfire and tear gas to save a diamond mine. (season two, episode one.) even worse- murdock's bear, whose name escapes me right now, though i'm sure i'll have it stuck in my head for the rest of the evening, had his head blown off. while my noggin is stuffed to the point of mild pain, at least no one's shot at it. (not that i know of, anyway.)


NJ said...

I was always more of a Dukes of Hazzard kind of a guy, every Friday night at 7. :-)

da sister said...

Hey now, what about, "I pitty the fool" Mr. T???!!!????

Btw, in your "bloggings" about good ol' Maryland, you have left out one of the most momentous events.....when I slammed your finger in the door on the ferry....not that (still wasn't intentional...both times) but what about the cicadas(http://www.cicadas.info/) and that cute little song you made up? I never understood how you could take pitty on them for their short lives, yet you always screamed and told on me when i tried to get you to befriend them by following you around at a fast pace....or as you called it, chasing you.

duff said...

we watched the dukes of hazzard occasionally- i seem to recall thinking it was cool to climb in and out of my dad's car through the passenger window during my younger years.

catching the a team and macgyver were higher prorities, though.

duff said...

"pity the poor cicada,
they only live for two decade-a,
they live seventeen years,
not long enough to grow beards,
so pity the poor cicada....."

sadly, the other verses escape me 20 years later.

happy now, kiddo?

Larry said...

Do you know that you can make up any sentence that you like and it can be sung to the tune of the A-Team theme song.