Friday, April 22, 2005


i must say, the excitement of listening to grown men driving around in circles is hard to beat- so i'm listening to grown men drive around in circles IN TRUCKS. yee haw.

it's all for a good cause- earning money to help pay for the U2 tickets i'm likely to buy in the morning (or attempt to buy, actually). the last time i caught U2 was during the popmart tour- right after i got out of high school. at $56 a ticket, it was my most expensive concert for several years- until i paid seventysomething to see a duran duran reunion concert in phoenix a year and a half ago.

this week, one of my favorite bloggers, citrus, has been pretty.....what's the word?.........well- let's just say his blog has been a must-read for different reasons than usual lately.

(not sure why i feel the need to separate my thoughts again- i suppose i feel the need to compartmentalize or something.)

it's official- the hike in the grand canyon i was hoping for next week is out. i'm still planning on hiking tomorrow- weather permitting. it rained cats, dogs, and small livestock this evening, but hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow afternoon, especially in northern south carolina (known as the "upstate"). otherwise, expect a lot of progress here and on my wnok webpage, as i will be sitting around moping. (sometimes shit happens, but that doesn't mean i have to be happy about it.)

sorry- nothing witty to share today- perhaps i'll be able to come up with something more entertaining in the morning.

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Yvonne said...

If you can't hike Grand Canyon, do what I did: Hike Bryce. I think I've already raved to you about Bryce... I've put a picture of it up for you, sweetie, because your reference in this post was so thoughtful.

PS: There won't be any snow there now, obviously....