Tuesday, March 10, 2015

you may want to hold your nose for this...

great news:

i have located the source of the awful stench in the fridge at work.

even better:

it did not require me to open the mysterious styrofoam box that's been in there for at least the last month and may or may not contain an internal organ of some sort.

the not-so-good part:

you know how some things cannot be unseen? well, 15 minutes after my unpleasant little discovery, i am convinced that certain things (for example, something from starbucks that probably once involved a venti frappe con leche or whatever the heck it's called when a bunch of dairy that was probably smooth and creamy at the time (but, unfortunately, an unknown number of days later, has turned into something with a texture reminiscent of the back of my upper thighs) is squirted into a (most likely) caffeinated beverage, which is sipped and then left in the fridge for later enjoyment...and then completely forgotten about) cannot be unsmelled.

you know, i've never actually wished my nose could be completely stuffed up before.....
on the plus side:

at least it went (mostly) down the sink drain without a fight. i mean, i had to run a bunch of water after it, but at least i didn't have to beat it down with the wooden spoon i was holding.*

*just in case. i mean, it's not like i walk around with one in my pocket or anything. i'm just happy to see you.