Wednesday, July 06, 2016

gifts given and giving up

my dad and his wife are in town tonight.

with them came two boxes of china. 

"china? CHINA?!? of all the things from the house in kansas city.......what in the monkey am i going to do with china?!?!" i exclaimed.

i'm terribly klutzy, never entertain, and have even less than zero desire to ever have a reason to own a china cabinet. i dine almost exclusively off my heavy duty (yet i still managed to chip a couple) blue swirl dishes from crate & barrel. 

in short, these dishes would be more useful (and probably have a better survival rate) if i used them for skeet shooting. 

but wait- there's more!

"your grandmother said this was to be given to you on your wedding day.....," she said, handing me a small, weighty box that turned out to be full of silverware that's, uh, more suited to a southern debutante (or a grandmother) than myself.

"....but since i still haven't gotten hitched yet and am on the verge of being sn old maid, i'm officially being given up on? greeeeeeaaaaat."

there was a slight amount of protest on her part, but it was negligable.

so, i suppose when i'm back in kansas city for our upcoming reunion of a significant timespan, i should check and make sure the family heirloom dress hasn't been donated to the lingle (wyoming) museum yet, as well as sort through some of my worldly possessions to cut down on what might be brought back to me after their next little road trip.