Tuesday, February 18, 2014

....and the no good, very bad day

i just woke up from a very brief nap to pins and needles in my left arm (due to a poorly placed kitten) and mildly distressing news regarding my favorite job (you know- the one i actually got a degree for).

i have already decided i'll be purchasing a powerball ticket later, as surely my luck will turn around and balance itself out. 

also, tacos tonight are pretty much a given. tacos make everything better.

hour later addendum: since we last spoke (okay- make that "since i last whined"), i accidentally squirted delightfully aromatic tuna juice all over a fresh pair of jammies while opening what i decided (partway through consumption) may have been a dodgy can. (it wasn't bulging, but tastes a hair off. guess we'll find out what that means in a few hours.)

also, i sustained a minor injury while handling a banana.

yes, you read that last part correctly. 
second addendum, six hours after the previous one (yes, my "lucky" streak continued):

i am pleased to report the tuna has not yet made me regret freeing it from its tiny steel confines earlier and my morning errands were completed mostly without incident (it would have been nice if target had not been completely out of the one thing i needed most- kitty litter). however, on the way to job #3 i stopped at the gas station in an attempt to get the angry little light on my dash to turn off and wound up in a line that was ridiculously long because the other cashier was busy waving around some little remote to adjust the prices at the pumps. you guessed it- the price went up while i was standing in line, waiting to prepay. then, my pump didn't want to give me a discount for paying cash, so i had to return to the cashier four times to get it straightened out before pumping.

while pumping gas, i noticed that the new tire i bought a month ago looked awfully low. i thought about getting it checked out, but the way my luck was running....better leave that task for another day.

a little while later, whilst grabbing recycling from the trunk of my car after leaving job #3, i stood up and whacked my head into the trunk lid. i was on the phone at the time, and after i explained the sudden inspiration behind some rather colorful language, this was the response:

"go directly to taco bell. do not pass go. do not collect $200."

thankfully, i'd already scrapped my plan to go rollerblading at the canal. there's no need to risk near-certain (the way things are going) injury a few days before the princess half marathon.
i sincerely hope this is just a case of "monday, one day late", due to yesterday being a holiday.