Sunday, April 03, 2005

despre tine

yep- i've been listening to o-zone again. i've had foreign boys on the brain since this afternoon. it'll pass eventually, but in the meantime, i've decided i need to chase down a copy of o-zone's album, discozone, to motivate me to get my expanding derriere on the treadmill. in the meantime, the link above is to their video for "despre tine". the quality isn't exactly ideal, but if you push your chair back from your monitor, you get the general idea. (i still prefer "dragostea din tei", but this is a nice change once in awhile. i also came across an article on another site (looking for more videos) announcing that the band has broken up. hope you can read french. i can remember a little from high school, but i had to dust off my french/english dictionary to decipher some of it. perhaps they'll reconcile after their cd hits it big in the u.s.

here's an equally high-quality version of "
dragostea din tei". looks like both videos were taped off of mtv europe.........i don't have cable, so i couldn't begin to tell you if the videos have appeared on american tv.

here's another site with a smaller, but higher-quality version of the "despre tine" video.

what should i have been doing instead of looking up this stuff? oh- i've got a little pile of things i didn't accomplish today. i seem to be highly productive when i'm procrastinating- just not getting things done that i ought to, that's all.

i need to figure out how to put pictures on my blog....maybe i'll explore that tomorrow night, instead of the three loads of dishes filling my sink and covering the kitchen counters..........

okay- going to accomplish something work related now......well, maybe after i browse through a few other blogs.


provocador said...

I was visiting blogs, randomly. I stopped at yours (nice picture by the way), only to find out that you bought one of the saddest things ever made here in Europe. O-Zone are a infectious disease that non-governamental institutions keep ignoring.

Still, I would be pleased to talk to you. From Portugal,

NJ said...

I like to use
for posting pics on my blog. It's easy and free, and you don't have to download any programs either, just cut and past some code.:-)