Thursday, April 07, 2005

still pooped

at the other end of the day, i'm tired once again- not that i accomplished especially much. worked until 6, froze my butt off watching a softball game, ate enough food for about two people (couldn't decide between the ominous-looking chicken sandwich and the chili for i compromised and had both.), typed some stuff for school tomorrow, chased down my avon delivery that may or may not have been delivered to the proper address.......

......and in roughly 10 hours, i will be letting, my gaggle of two year olds (neither organized enough to be a flock nor compliant enough to be a herd) loose at the zoo. out of the ten kids going, i figure one (or two, at the most) will wander off- hopefully not anywhere near the tiger exhibit. (the gorilla exhibit might provide good photo ops, though.)


sorry- i guess i'm too tired to be even mildly amusing tonight. i'll try to do better tomorrow. perhaps i'll even have an exciting tale or two illustrating the perils of taking a large number of little ones on a field trip involving wild animals. (by "wild animals", i am not referring to the two year olds- this time.)

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