Tuesday, April 05, 2005

wet pants

for the second time today, my pants are wet. don't worry- i'm not incontinent- i've got several decades (hopefully about eight) before i need superabsorbent undergarments.

the first soaking was at the hands of one of my kids at school. it was 80 degrees out today, so i filled our "water table", threw in some squirting dinosaurs, stripped the kids down to their diapers, and let them have at it. we also played with an elmo sprinkler- much like the one that was stolen from the backyard of my house in college.....but that's another story- and one too painful to relate right now...

so anyway, picture ten two year olds running around like naked maniacs in the great outdoors, and then throw an elmo sprinkler into the mix.....and then unplug the sprinkler from the hose and let the kids take turns spraying whatever their little hearts desired. you guessed it- i got nailed. (and folks wonder why i very rarely wear white t shirts......) i didn't just get a little spray of water, either- some of my little monkeys got me good. (the ones who didn't soak me directly said helpful things to their friends, like "(insert random name), get miss duff!") so, since i'm far from prissy and was already drenched, i played in a mud puddle with several kids in between soakings.

yep- i'm twenty six going on four.

my second case of wet pants today was my own fault. i didn't have any major plans after work, so i figured i'd head over to the radio station and take advantage of the long hose. my car was overdue for a wash, and i was getting tired of the yellow sheen caused by the frisky trees around here. (that would be pollen, for those readers who fell asleep in biology class.) i keep putting it off because i have only paste wax- do you know how much of a pain in the butt paste wax is? ugh. as is, i will be buffing it again tomorrow afternoon.

anyway, there i was, waxing my car, and to get decent leverage on the lower panels, i sat down. in a puddle. multiple times.

i don't learn...or maybe that wet shorts aren't a huge deal to me. after all, i'm certainly not going anywhere fancy this evening, and clothing dries pretty easily, especially in eighty degree weather.

after i finished waxing my car, i figured i might as well get something accomplished while i dry. so, here i sit, in this cushiony (and somewhat absorbent) chair, trying to think of new links for the website. maybe i'll find something interesting here.

or maybe i should just go home and change my pants.

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