Wednesday, April 06, 2005

smooth move, ex-lax

so after spending two hours last night washing and waxing my car, i backed out of my space...and into the dumpster at work. d'oh! that'll teach me to pay attention. i'm unscathed, and my paint job is just a little scuffed up, but thankfully i don't have any dents to worry about.

had it happened a couple of years ago, when my car was just a year and a half old, i would have freaked out. however, i made up my mind a while back to look into a new paint job when the car's paid off in another year and a half, and if it bothers me too much in the meantime, i can always whip out my handy bottle of touch up paint and take a crack at it. we'll see what's left after i finish buffing off my wax (and the pollen that has accumulated so far today).

i was reminded of a road trip mama and i took about ten years ago. she had a relatively new car (less than a year old, i believe, though if she reads this, i'm sure she'll correct me on that), and we took a road trip from kansas down through oklahoma and arkansas (just so i could say i'd been) and back up through missouri to kansas city. somewhere in southwestern missouri, we stopped for a burger, and when we were done, mama backed the car out of the space....and into a short yellow pole. unlike my little incident last night, mama's car wound up with a dent, in addition to a slightly altered paint job. i think she was initially a little upset, but decided that it was all for the best- this way, she'd be able to find her car in a parking lot. the paint finally wore off about a year ago......i've been tempted to replace it ever since.

anyway, just needed to share that. it seems that just when i feel cool, i pull a smooth move like that.

back to work......and a fresh coat of pollen for my car. *achoo*

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