Saturday, April 09, 2005

spending my fortune on food.....

i'm starving. i brought a hot pocket in with me this morning at 6 a.m. it was history before 7. the only snack in my bag is a pack of gum, which is a huge no-no, since it'll get caught in my braces and will be impossible to get out and not only will that irritate my fabulous orthodontist, but it would also not be a good thing to try to finish an airshift speaking through clenched (well, tangled up) teeth.

i'm afraid i'm just not brave enough to root around in the fridge in the break room. i forgot to take home my leftovers last week, but if they've survived this long, they're probably furry, moldy, or just plain foul.

so, that leaves the snack machine. i want cheese popcorn quite badly, but again, dr. zetz said "no popcorn" when my braces were put on, and i think it may be just a little impolite to pick hulls out of my teeth for the duration of this evening's wedding. (just a little)

my other options seem to consist of various crackers stuffed with semi-palatable fillings, peanuts (pretty sure those are also on the list of foods i'm not allowed to have), chex mix (plain.....with pretzels, which i really could care less about), fried pork skins (this is the south, after all), and the belly bomb that is the "original" honey bun. (i managed to find 70 cents in my car, so i'm afraid that, at 75 cents, the m&ms are beyond my reach.)

i take that back- i have another option- potato chips. i was trying to behave myself, but i suppose the coke in the hallway with my name on it tells a different story......and it would be perfect for washing down an ounce of salty goodness. our machine is actually pretty hip- we have ketchup flavor chips (i usually have to bring mine back from maine each time i drive up), buffalo wing flavor, sour cream and onion (boring, but tasty), cheddar and sour cream (slightly zestier), and i am pleased to report that we have salt and pepper chips, which i smuggled back from canada last winter and enjoyed for...well, about a day after my return. (they were really good.)

so, i suppose it comes down to giving in to my white cheddar popcorn craving, or something from the ever-popular potato chip food group. ....or, if i can dig another nickel out of the couch in the lounge, i can go the m&m route...........

*five minutes later*

dammit- someone else must've already raided the couch. i didn't even come up with a penny. on the upside, perhaps there's a half open bag of some delightful snackie-poo somewhere in the building.........and then i can save my whopping fortune for next weekend.

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fraNkenoodles said...

You could perhaps consider Top Ramen!! (YUCK) Have you ever looked on the back of the ramen noodle package, they have recipes, like for mixing ramen noodles with chicken and vegetables. UHM, HELLO??? If I could afford chicken and vegetables I would NOT be eating ramen noodles!! Hey, did you steal my blogger template??? Hmm, maybe I stole yours? Heheh.