Saturday, April 09, 2005

how not to spend four hundred bucks

here's an interesting little tidbit i just read about in today's paper.....

disney on ice's production of monsters, inc. is in town this weekend. (which is slightly amusing, as we had 80 degree temperatures earlier this week- but that's neither here nor there.) anyway, it seems that a couple of the skaters were looking for ways to entertain themselves thursday morning, so they hired themselves a "companion". to quote the blurb in the paper,

"Confusion erupted when the men thought the woman was supposed
to disrobe, according to the report. The woman told police she only
provided companionship."

so, either this chick didn't want to admit to being a...ummmm...private entertainer of the naked variety, or else these guys would've been better off picking up a copy of the free times (the local rag) and contacting the author of one of those freaky personals. (sorry- "alternative lifestyles")
failing that, perhaps the guys' $400 would have been put to better use at one of columbia's many adult establishments.

i sincerely hope the skaters were not in costume at the time. how terrible would it be to know that mike and sully (for example- the article didn't name names) have to pay for their dates?

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