Thursday, March 10, 2005

alice cooper and crackers

i sat down to do an entry while on my lunch break, but couldn't log in for some reason. pity. i'd heard "school's out" during my drive home and was reminded of a commercial one of the office supply chains had right before school started this past summer. it featured an angry preteen girl confronting alice cooper in said office supply store. she said something to the effect of "i thought you said school was out forever", and alice replied "school's out for SUMMER"....something like that anyway. i still giggle thinking about it.

okay- one thought for the day over with.

i'm so glad it's almost friday that i can hardly see straight. the week has flown by, though. in another week, i'll be in the middle of putting my charges to bed (overnight babysitting again), and in a week and a day (that'd be friday, for those of you following along at home), i'll be on my way to kansas city for a college friend's wedding.(this weekend's babysitting will pay for the gift.....once i figure out what to buy.)

dinner is a more immediate concern. nothing in the kitchen inspires me, except some mint chocolate chunk cookies i made last night, and while they leave my breath minty fresh, i doubt they have any other actual health benefits to offer. (not like that's an actual criterion, but still......i'm trying to make an effort here.)i'm craving tacos (as if that's anything new), but i think some campbell's mexican style chicken tortilla soup is as close as i'm going to get. it'll do- especially since i'm too lazy/broke to make a run for the border.

i caught the mailman today- and for once he wasn't hiding in his little mail van, reading the paper. i handed him dad's mail from yesterday (it's ba-ack!), and received a look of.....was it amusement? you know how in office space the pimply guy (whose name obviously escapes me right now)is always muttering about how he could set the building on fire? that's about how i felt. not that i was going to give into my pyromaniacal tendencies, but i really contemplated kicking his tires. i still haven't figured out how this all started, or, more importantly, why it seems that no one can figure out that "individual only" on a forwarding order means that individual does not reisde at this address. (not "he's here, but we want to make you do that extra bit of work" or "we all up and moved- even the resident with the vastly different last name.") it reminds me of an animation on ebaum's world i can't link to (old computer) and probably shouldn't anyway (boss reads this, along with who knows who else). ugh.

that's it for now- the crackers i put in my soup are now perfect- soggy, but intact- and i should fish them out before they disintegrate completely. (which leads one to does alice cooper eat his crackers? okay- so maybe i'm the only one wondering......)

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