Wednesday, March 09, 2005

greetings and salutations!

i'm not quite sure where that came from either.

i have a song running through my head (as is often the case), and i need to get it out. i'm not sure how it got in, but for some strange and horrible reason, the peabo bryson/roberta flack duet (1983, for you fellow 80s music geeks) "tonight, i celebrate my love" is stuck in my head. that one line is playing an endless loop. please hold while i find a cd to play in an attempt to chase out this dreadful song....................i'm too lazy to swap out the cds in my stereo, and i've been working my way through an imported duran duran singles box set......why is my cd not playing? hang on....i have to get up and walk across the room and everything. i think i fixed the problem, but also came across something interesting- i seem to have two of the same disc ("all she wants is" in single form) instead of a copy of "serious" in said sleeve. this is distressing, especially since one of the tracks on the "serious" disc is "all along the water", which is one of my favorite songs from the liberty album. argh.

now that i've bored all but maybe one other person reading this, let's move on, shall we?

idea gathering for the upcoming poll on my wnok webpage continues. i figure i'll have the poll up before the weekend....but feel free to get your comments in between now and then. i've also been contemplating other areas of my sections of since i'm such an 80s music nerd, i'm thinking about putting together a page for other 80s music nerds to enjoy. maybe some early 90s stuff too- a lot of groups spilled over. we'll see.....yet another thing to do if i come across some spare time. i also need to work on the photo section....gotta see about getting the scanner my mom brought down hooked up and see if it's worth a damn. another night....

after my run on the treadmill last night, i set out today planning on hopping on again after work. it didn't happen. not only did it not happen, but i ate a huge chunk of m&m fudge on my lunch break (after downing a bean burrito, a large plate of spaghetti o's, and a bowl each of beans and broccoli at lunch), and i made cookies tonight (had to test out a couple for quality control purposes), and had some smoky bacon chips with dip. before i start sounding like bridget jones (read the books, have avoided the movies), i don't obsess over my weight or what i eat or anything like that, though i need to at least tone up a few spots. what looks okay in jeans does not necessarily look so good in a bikini.....and i figured out i have about 7 weeks before i could potentially wind up in one again. predictably, i did not wake up early and hop on the treadmill this morning. ah well, i had good intentions.

i bought supplies tonight for a birthday party i'm helping out with on saturday. sarah wants a "

i really should head to bed. i'm up far later than intended.....not that that happens all the time or anything. at least roberta and peabo are no longer dueting in my head. (sorry if they've now taken over yours.)

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