Thursday, March 17, 2005

great plans going awry

plan a- get to bed early
plan b- scribble out belated birthday cards (which i purchase in quantity), then get to bed early
plan c- wash dishes, call mama, take a warm bath while reading, get to bed earlier than usual

well, the bathwater is currently hot, not warm, so i have time to mess around a little on the web. i updated part of my wnok webpage, checked my email at least twice, used one of those mapping sites to figure out a route for tomorrow's trip that does not involve atlanta, and cruised through a few blogs to see what other people are writing about. most were sales pitches or foreign ramblings, so here i sit, without a clue what to write about this evening.

the last time i drove out to kansas city, my car hit 50,000 miles in tennessee. i believe it was in nashville, but i'd have to check the note i scribbled on my dry erase board to be sure. (the note was transferred from my arm, where i scribbled it while driving because i didn't want to stop and look for scratch paper.) i just rolled over 56,000 miles on my lunch break today. so- no milestones this trip....but there's always the road trip to maine later in the year. (i'm also pulling for the florida keys, too, but that may have to wait a year or two- we'll see.)

yes, i know i travel a lot. it's a big world out there, and life's too short to spend it all in one place.

i believe i've covered all the basics for this trip- aside from the call to the credit card company to let them know i'll be travelling. nothing like trying to buy gas on a road trip and having your card declined because the company thinks it's been stolen. (i'm glad they have safeguards in place, but i try not to carry too much cash on trips, and having one's card declined can be a tad.....embarrassing.) i've packed two dresses for the wedding (both will probably be totally inappropriate due to cold weather or some such thing), two pairs of shoes (out of the like, 5 pairs of dressy shoes i own), a couple of earring options, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, body wash, face wash, face scrub, face mask, face cloths, stuff to dry out my face, stuff to moisturize my face, and makeup (yes- i actually own some) to cover up my 5 billions zits after the various facial "remedies" don't do their jobs. i also have my one decent pair of jeans (no holes anywhere near the pockets or belt loops, and i can get into them, despite being a bit lax as far as working out lately), a sweater, several long sleeved shirts, a couple of short sleeved shirts, pajamas, socks and the like.....and i snagged the digital camera to go with the 4 gnomes accompanying me on this trip. (i'm well aware of my dorkiness.) i'm sure on the road tomorrow, i will think of at least 4 things i forgot. ah well, it's only a weekend.

speaking of travel, my non-irish dad is spending his st. patrick's day birthday at disneyworld. with that in mind, happy belated (by the time you stumble onto this blog) 59th birthday, daddy! (next year, can i go along?)

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