Tuesday, March 01, 2005

everyone else.......

i'm a big fan of ebaum's world.

i just had to get that out in the open. i was introduced to the site by idaho, one of the other WNOK djs, over a year ago. he'd played something called "peanut butter jelly time"during his saturday night show, and when i searched for it on the internet (i googled, as usual), up popped ebaum's world. i spent a good 5 hours that sunday exploring that site, and even a year later, i still check back periodically to see if anything new has popped up. i found my new favorite song on the site a couple of months ago.......though i admit it's not exactly something i could play in my classroom at school. it just gets stuck in my head for some reason, though not well enough that i'd be able to sing it on, say, american idol and not look like a fool. (then again, i don't think i could be dragged onto american idol anyway...i've never even watched a full episode.) anyway, the only part of this new favorite song i've paid attention to is the chorus. one of these days, i'll really focus on the words instead of the animation and figure out what the bunny is saying the rest of the time. however, today is not the day- especially since i'm now racking my brain trying to think of "normal" things i've never experienced. (it's not necessarily a "wish list"- just a series of observations- so please don't get any ideas and try to break my streak, okay?)

1. i have never done the macarena.
2. spin the bottle? read about it, never played it. ditto for "2 minutes in the closet" (sheltered, i know)
3. i have never watched most of the reality shows on tv.
4. i have never heard "who let the dogs out" in its entirety.
5. i have never gotten more than two flowers at a time. (and those two don't count- they were from an obsessed listener, and they were mostly dead by the time i found them anyway.)
6. i've never been to the prom.
7. speaking of dances, i never had a date to one in high school. (went to a few anyway, though.)
8. i have never watched "titanic", despite billy zane being in it. (leonardo does nothing for me.)
9. i have never dyed my hair brown. (blonde? check. red? check. orange? check. blue? check. purple? my favorite so far. green? see college graduation photos. i'll pass on brown (and black) though.)
10. i have never worn stilettos....or any heels over the weenie height of about an inch and a half. (and i certainly have not done this while wearing a catsuit and brandishing a bullwhip, which several friends have tried to convince me is perfectly normal. all i can say is that they're freaks.)

anyway, back to ebaum's world. in case your curious as to what on earth "peanut butter jelly time", the tune that first brought me to the site, was about, try here. in the meantime, i need to try to figure out what on earth the bunny's saying between choruses.

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fonte said...

glad you enjoyed my flowers ;)