Thursday, March 24, 2005

ta-a-a-a-ake me ho-o-ome

i started the water for my bath and left it running- the tub almost overflowed. oops. that'll teach me to multitask.

"long cool woman" by the hollies is running through my head. it was the last song i heard before i got out of my car. i tried to make it home during "paradise city", which lent itself better to a blog entry, but traffic was a little slow. i had a guy on one side of me roll down his window to talk to the chick on the other side of me. i was half tempted to move forward a little and cut off their conversation, but i didn't. i was tempted, though.

"paradise city" would have been a great blog topic. once upon a time, when i heard that song, i'd visualize the video as it played. however, that all changed the day i saw "can't hardly wait" for the first time. it's sort of a mindless movie, but i like it anyway. (in my opinion, sometimes you just need mindless entertainment..... and the thought of seth green trying to be gangsta cracks me up every time. however, that's beside the point....) there's a scene in the movie where charlie korsmo (remember him as the kid in dick tracy? well, he's a little more grown up in this movie and plays a nerd who crashes a party.) winds up getting drunk and hopping up onstage for a rendition of "paradise city". that is what i picture when i hear the song. *giggling* sorry- pictured it again.

i injured myself today. i was getting out toys for my two year olds and would up nailing my funny bone on a shelf. it was horrible- not only was a shooting pain radiating down my arm, but there was this sensation of intense heat. it was horrible. it still hurts a little 4 hours later. (sometimes, i'm kind of a weenie.) i figure a warm bath will help- assuming all the water doesn't wind up spilling out onto the floor.

oh- i've been playing catch-up with my george carlin 2005 page a day calendar again. the thought for february 28th:

When they print the years of someone's birth and death, can you resist figuring out how old they were?

nope. i can't. i also search through the obits for causes of death and if they lived to be over 100 and other strange things of that sort. i suppose it's morbid curiousity or something like that.

ok- bathtime. i got three new rubber duckies tonight, and i suppose i should test them out or something. (i'm well aware that i'm a raging dork- it's okay.)

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