Wednesday, March 23, 2005

deep thoughts about......nkotb?

i have had an interesting assortment of songs running through my head this evening. most recently, it has been my favorite collective soul song- "gel". before that, however, the tune playing repeatedly on my mental jukebox was "step by step" by the new kids on the block. (perhaps that was brought on by finding all of my new kids memorabilia in a box in my dad's garage last weekend.) the evening started off with salt n pepa's "push it". (i'm afraid i have no logical reason for that one- sorry.)

the avon order is mostly done- just a couple of orders left to bag tomorrow, and then i can work on cleaning the rest of the apartment. that reminds me- i need to move a load of laundry into the dryer. back in a sec..........(jeopardy music plays)........

i have to fluff up the old stuff before i can put in the i've got 20 minutes before i must abandon this and have my own private laundry-hanging party.

several topics came up over the course of the day- most too heavy to ponder on my blog. after all, i had a deep, reflective entry last month. too much of that and people might start to think i'm vaguely ...what's the word? intellectual? philosophical? not sure. anyway, no deep blogs for a few more days. it'll give me time to sort out my thoughts, among other things.

next to my computer, i keep a copy of my holiday 2003 photo. we'd just gotten back from our first trip to the grand canyon. i'm smiling by the canyon, and for once my skin may have even been clear. it was a chilly day, and behind me, there's fog rising up in the canyon (from the colorado river). too bad i didn't still look that happy after our little hike. we hiked a couple of miles down the bright angel trail, and i thought i was going to die on the trip back up. little old men passed us heading back up the trail at breakneck speed. it was....a little embarrassing. our first trip to the bottom was this past november, when we hiked the hermit trail down to the colorado. again, i wasn't sure we'd make it back up, but somehow we did. somewhere in there is a metaphor for life- it gets tough, and at times you wish someone would carry you the rest of the way, but somehow, you make it yourself, and the completion of the journey is its own reward. (funny, i thought i'd said i wouldn't get deep- oops.) anyway, i was looking at the picture and thinking this sort of stuff. we're heading back in a little over a month to hike another part of the canyon....remind me to take a "before" picture again to use as next year's holiday photo. (somehow, the "after" pictures always seem to feature yours truly looking like i've been through a fight and lost.)

it's late, and i should retrieve the laundry and head for bed.

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