Sunday, March 27, 2005

procrastinating with billy idol

i had a lot to do today, which i suppose is why i'm blogging so late. not that i was actually doing important, meaningful stuff all day. actually, about half the day was spent doing meaningless stuff while further putting off the meaningful tasks. i'm an admitted procrastinator. sometimes it works out, sometimes i wind up pulling an all-nighter. but i digress......

i was in bed at 10:30 last night. hard to believe that 5 years ago, at 10:30 on a saturday night, i probably was getting ready to go out dancing. scratch that- 5 years ago, my saturdays were spent at the college radio station playing 80s music for about 20 listeners tuned in to maryville's (missouri) cable channel 8........or was it channel 9? i can't remember. at any rate, i was wiped out last night. i must be getting old or something.

you know the little link at the top of this page that says "next blog"? have you ever clicked on it? i spent fifteen minutes hitting it repeatedly and looking to see what other people are doing with their blogs. for some, it's a place to advertise. others set up their blogs to be bulletin boards. i ran across a few photo albums. (this one was of particular interest.) there were a lot of seemingly interesting folks just living their lives online- just throwing their journals open for the whole world to see. (several would have been more interesting if i'd payed a little more attention in my french and spanish classes. i'm afraid the japanese ones are way beyond my reach, though.) i found an interesting blog by a girl in knoxville who blogged mostly poetry. one of her poems that stuck out was about how she had one class left to take before she could graduate, but it wasn't offered over the summer. she went on to talk about how she had no idea what she was going to do with her life......i had to comment. at the end of april, i will have been out of college 5 years. it's hard to believe how quickly time flies. while i have some idea what i'd like to do over the next few years, i certainly have no idea what sort of job i will retire from when i'm 70 (or 80, as i'm sure that'll be retirement age by that point).

speaking of advanced age, do you have any idea how old billy idol is? i can remember seeing him in the world book encyclopaedia yearbook when i was little. (i forget the year, but i remember reading about michael jackson's "thriller" and seeing a picture of a blond guy with his lip curled in a sneer on the same page.) i played some of his stuff in college during the aforementioned 80s show on saturday nights- his cover of "l.a. woman" was a favorite of mine. anyway, as i read a couple of magazines (procrastination) today, billy appeared not once, but twice. it seems he's released his first new album in twelve years. (actually, i should correct that- it's his first album of new material- he's put out a few "greatest hits" type discs over the past few years.) both rolling stone and blender recently interviewed him.....i'm saving both articles, but here are some of the more interesting little tidbits about mr. william broad:

~he changed his name after one of his school teachers wrote "billy is idle" on a report card.
~his film debut was in oliver stone's 1991 movie the doors (as "cat"- haven't seen the movie in a long time) i liked him better in the wedding singer, though.
~the first record he bought? "she loves you", by the beatles
~he has a sixteen year old kid named will. (how odd would it be to call billy idol "dad"?)
~billy still wears leather pants, at the ripe old age of 49! i can only hope to be half that cool in another 23 years. (however, i will try to refrain from wearing leather pants. they just don't look quite right on most short people....let alone short nearly-50 year olds.)

oh- and since he's got a new album out, he'll probably be coming to a town near you. check his website for more details.

that's all for now. i discovered that the "next blog" is totally random, and i'm curious to see what other folks are releasing out onto the internet. this could take all night.

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