Saturday, March 19, 2005

one wedding and two roach funerals

you know the opening scene of four weddings and a funeral? the one where hugh grant and his redheaded friend (she died in the last couple of years, by the way) are running late to their first wedding? i thought about it as i rushed to my friend ash's wedding this afternoon. surprisingly, i wound up being only about 15 minutes late.

i met up with heather, my best friend since high school, and we went out for a mexican lunch, and then she was kind enough to chauffer me around town (i'm not ashamed to admit i don't really know my way around kansas city.) on a gnomad-photographing mission. we passed through the plaza (the big, ritzy shopping area downtown) on the way to the nelson-atkins museum, where they have these huge badminton birdies on the lawn. we wandered around for a little while, posing the gnomes on various sculptures, and then realized i was supposed to be home getting ready for the wedding.

on the way home, we stopped by the store where ash was registered so i could pick up a gift card, as well as a regular card to stuff it into, and then, seeing my reflection and realizing i forgot to pack a pair of tweezers, we ran to a beauty supply shop where i spent 5 bucks on a pair of tweezers, despite the fact a brand new pair i spent a whopping 99 cents for arrived with my avon shipment in columbia this morning. i ridicule folks who are vain enough to put on makeup in the car, but time was of the essence, so while heather drove, i plucked away. (thank goodness she didn't hit any bumps, or i would've needed only one contact lens this afternoon.) i applied toenail polish while shimmying into a dress, and rushed out the door with my mapquested directions (i'd forgotten the invitation and directions in columbia- whoops), and found the church in time for the presentation of the bride.

my original plan was to take all my assorted travelling companions to the wedding (gnomads, of course), but i already felt dorky with one. however, ash and his new wife were quite accomodating and let me take their picture with bodhi. after taking a couple of photographs outside the church, i hopped into the car and blindly followed a ford explorer to the reception. since i knew no one at this affair, except for ash, i busied myself sitting in a corner deleting old photos off the digital camera. ash introduced me to a few people after his arrival, but most just went on about their business. it was good to see ash again, and talk to him for a little while, but then i headed over to see one of my surrogate parents for a couple of hours.

so, now i'm back home. i had one message on the answering machine, and i'm fighting the temptation to call one of my other friends for the third time in two days......i've had a great conversation with his voicemail, though. i'm also trying to figure out what to do tomorrow. apparently, my college is planning on demolishing my old dorm, and i'd like to get pictures before that happens- but that would also be a 3 hour round trip. heather mentioned a trip back to the plaza to photograph the gnomes with some deranged-looking easter bunny statues, and jamie offered to take the gnomes and me to her radio station. i also have a bunch of worldly possessions in dad's garage that i really should go through, and a couple of friends i'd like to get in touch with while i'm in town. or i could just do dad a favor and buy him some bug bombs- i found a roach making out with my duffel bag when i got back this evening. gross! another one scurried under the couch as i walked down to the basement to get on the computer. needless to say, i'm now carrying the flyswatter with me at all times. (i still haven't located dad's can of raid.)

my surrogate mom's friend, doug, and i got to talking about 80s music tonight. he mentioned the remake of "video killed the radio star", originally by the buggles. (it was the first video played on mtv, by the way.) he was convinced christina aguilera sang the remake, though for some reason i'm thinking more along the lines of the presidents of the united states of america. this will nag at me, so i will look it up and then the flyswatter and i are headed upstairs to bed.

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dames said...


hope you are having a great trip - the remake was definately PUSA Presidents of the United States of America - it was my top pick of 1998 and i remember it well :)