Tuesday, March 22, 2005

i'm procrastinating, so this'll be long

sorry i've neglected the blog lately. i found out....let's see.... right after i posted my last entry that my friend (and #1 backup) aaron is getting married in 2 months. this is a little alarming for a couple of reasons:

1. my other backup is getting married next month
2. aaron has known his fiancee a grand total of two months

i'm trying to be happy for him, but am too busy wondering if he'll wind up divorced in a couple of years. after all, if i'd married every guy i thought was "awesome" after knowing them a couple of months- you know, because "when it's the one, you just know"- i would've been divorced several times over by now. i already told aaron i'm going to be the person who stands up mid-ceremony and objects. (i was informed that he'd tape my mouth shut in advance.)

anyway, onto other things. i spent sunday hanging out with my buddy jamie, who was kind enough to drive me around town in search of gnomad photo opportunities. we made a stop at her radio station, star 102 (KSRC), where she's the queen of promotions. i gnome-napped her gnomad, alaska, and took random pictures of the gnomads around the building (KMXV- mix 93.3 is also in her cluster). when we wandered back to my house several hours later, we were pretty suprised to see that dad and kathie had returned from their florida vacation....almost as surprised as they were to see my car, since they thought i was coming to town a week earlier. dad was tickled with his birthday gift (live aid on dvd), and rushed out to buy me young einstein on dvd. (what do you mean you've never heard of it? it tells the story of the invention of beer- a must-see!)

uhm.....what else is noteworthy? the drive yesterday was relatively uneventful. i paid $2.05/gallon for gas, which was outrageous, though cheaper than many parts of the country, from what i hear. it's a good 15 hour drive, but at least it's scenic and i ran into some good radio stations along the way. i ran into one near knoxville that played both "lust for life", by iggy pop, and "it's my life" by talk talk. naturally, i sang along to both. i also blame both songs for my inability to follow the speed limit exactly.

today, i had a blast from the past- one of my old bosses from athletic attic called out of the blue. i was so floored i had to call heather, who also remembers the "h-train". (long story, don't ask). it's strange how people reappear sometimes, isn't it? there's still one person from that workplace i'd love to track down...... just out of curiousity.

i suppose that's it. i came home to a ton of laundry, dishes, and a huge avon order still begging to be checked in and sorted out. i need to head for bed early (i'm still wiped out), so i suppose i'd better get to work. until next episode......

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