Wednesday, March 16, 2005

obscure lyrics about slumber

it's an obscure tune tonight....."sleep", by savatage. never heard of it? you're not the only one. in fact, i stumbled across the video somewhere during my formative teen years, liked the song (surprising, since i'm not really known for my fondness for ballads), acquired the cd, and still only liked...that song. anyway, the only part i can remember right now (and you'll have to bear with me, because i'm not at home and can't double-check the lyrics) is something to the effect of.....

so lay back
call off the attack
if you look deep dreams
are nothing that i lack
all i seek is
a final chance to speak
but i would let
the whole thing keep
if i could just sleep.....

as i recall, that's basically how the chorus goes. if it bothers me enough tomorrow, i'll dig out the cd when i'm home on my lunch break. (i'm a little anal retentive like that.)

that was a little creepy. i just got up to check the bathwater (hot bath in garden tub = good, flooding the bathroom = bad), and noticed the door to the garage was open. a little creepy, especially at nearly 11 at night. however, the garage doors have been down since the parents left early this morning, so i'm not too worried. (my heart did skip a beat, though.)

ahhh....anyway, the kids went to bed around 8 p.m. (i'm mean), and i spent a good couple of hours getting the latest makeup order together. it was over $1000, but, i'm ashamed to say, probably $300 of it was mine (mostly business supplies). i should make it all back- plus some- though. one day i'll be rich.....just not anytime soon, i'm afraid.

i spoke at length with one of my coworkers last night. i won't name any names, but i was troubled by his situation- he's old enough he should be looking forward to retirement, yet he's working three jobs, at all hours of the day and night, mostly to support his BROTHER IN LAW. not his family- his wife's. in fact, to be perfectly accurate, he's supporting his brother in law's unemployed live-in girlfriend. when he told me the latest last night, i advised marriage counseling. i have since revised my opinion. THE GRAVY TRAIN NEEDS TO LEAVE THE DEPOT. head for the hills, man. look into moving out of state and changing your identity or something. i mean, i'm all for helping out the less fortunate, and certainly family should help out family to an extent, but not if they are unwilling (though perfectly able) to help themselves. (it's a damn shame the money spent taking care of these sponges can't be taken off one's taxes.)

i could follow that with my observations on the crap people put up with, but the bathwater's getting cold and i'm getting sleepy.

(by the way, happy 60th- i mean 40th- mom)

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Anonymous said...

You are so right the Train needs to first run over that louse of a brother in law and his bloated girfriend.Also maybe break off some of the things he's giving to his wife also,time and money....yeah MONEY. May the poor guy(sucker) get his act together or maybe someone other may come into his life.....Ladies look for a hard worker....nah,better stay out of that mess.