Saturday, March 12, 2005

a party of titanic proportions

5:30 came way too early this morning. i could use a nap after work (before the slumber party), but i've got a quick trip to the zoo planned. (the radio station and the zoo are less than a mile apart, and i'm a member, so i can go without digging in the couch for admission money.)

as i sprinted out the door this morning to come to work, all i grabbed was a box of cinnamon life cereal. life's not as inspiring as tacos, to be sure, but it's not horrible either. i think all they had was regular life when i was a kid......we were allowed to eat it as an occasional break between boxes of generic cheerios. (my parents weren't big on dealing with sugared-up children- a practice i follow at school.)

i'm quite glad it's the weekend. there was too much drama this week at work. working exclusively with women is tough sometimes. i've discussed this with several friends, and we've all agreed that working with men is a lot easier. (i'll keep that in mind for my next job.)

so, the big slumber party is tonight. seventeen girls were invited, sixteen are attending (plus the guest of honor, of course). the original plan was for me to stay all night, but i need my sleep....which would be interrupted approximately every half hour by a random child who needs to use the bathroom/needs a drink/misses mommy and wants to go home. so, i will be leaving after everyone's asleep. perhaps we should watch a really boring film, like "titanic", which i personally have never seen- nor do i have any desire to see it- but most guys i know were bored out of their gourd and watched it only because they had a hot date who'd talked them into it. instead, i am arriving half an hour early and leaving as soon as the last child goes to sleep. (so- can i borrow your copy of titanic?)

speaking of movies- unless i screwed it up somehow, the college movie poll is up on my wnok page. (if i managed to mess it up, please bear with me- i'm new at this sort of thing.) please take a moment to vote, so it looks like people actually look at my page. thanks. the poll will be up for two weeks, then i'll replace it with something new- any suggestions?

that's it for now- i found a site with dvd easter eggs, and it's time for a little exploration. pass the cereal, please.

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