Friday, March 18, 2005

notes from the road

the day started off well enough- woke up to toby and shaun playing one of my favorite billy idol songs on the 104.7 wnok morning show. (the morning rush is on vacation) they turned it into an all-request show. i thoroughly enjoyed it, except when i lost the signal while on the road.

as i write this, i am sitting in my dad's basement in kansas city. he and his wife have taken one of her grandchildren to disneyworld, and i have a wedding to attend tomorrow afternoon. (i also have a wedding gift to buy tomorrow morning, and a wedding invitation/directions to said wedding to locate tonight- i'm pretty sure i packed them. otherwise, i will be calling home and taking dictation, i guess.) i have killed two small roaches so far- which is just plain gross. furthermore, i have no idea where dad keeps his can of raid (assuming he has one), so i've had to beat the little critters with a flyswatter. gross. thank goodness they grow 'em smaller here in missouri- none of those buick-sized "palmetto bugs" i guess kc has something going for it after all. yuck- is that a spider in with the geneology stuff i am taking back with me? once again, gross.

it took me 15 hours on the nose to get here after dropping my young charge off at school this morning. i probably could have cut the time down more, but i stopped each time i got into a new state to take pictures of the gnomads, as well as a round of photos at one rest stop per state. i'll try to do better next time.

a few of the highlights:

mile 215 (tennessee)- stopped at a gas station- wound up stuck in line behind two folks who seemed to be redeeming handfuls of lottery tickets. then, instead of just taking the cash, one couldn't figure out how to fill out a powerball form, and the other couldn't make up his mind which tickets to purchase with his winnings. (the second customer then approached me in the parking lot, asked where i was going, and then had no idea that kansas city was west of eastern tennessee. what has our public education system come to?)

mile 2something something (also tennessee, but forgot to write it down)- saw a man riding a bicycle on the highway. i'm still trying to work that one out. he may even be out of tennessee by next summer. maybe.

mile 375ish (tennessee is one big state, let me tell you)- while flipping through radio stations, i settled on one playing love and rockets' song "so alive". naturally, i sang along (as if you don't), then shut up long enough to find out it was part of the "way back cafe"- their retro lunch program. also played- "after the rain" by nelson, and "high enough" by damn yankees.

mile 460 (you guessed it- tennessee)- heard "dizzy" by the goo goo dolls. i haven't heard that song on the radio since we played it in college.

mile 578 (illinois)- passed this car...i cannot even attempt to describe it in all its glory. let's just say i'd love to know how the driver (i presume) attached all those tchotchkes to it, especially the model plane with working propeller that was resting on the trunk. a picture will definitely appear on my wnok page after i get back to columbia. whoever the mastermind behind that decor was, they're my hero.

mile 785 (near fontsell (?) missouri)- i was regretting all those cokes (caffiene's a diaretic) and bottles of water. the toilet at the truck stop where i gassed up was possessed. it flushed three times before i was done.....then refused to perform at the proper time. however, i was too relieved to care.

mile 791 (missouri)- just in case you wondered, pets are not allowed in the restrooms at the wright city rest area. it's even posted, in case you forget. (this public service announcement brought to you by the folks who don't like to see your pet drinking out of the public can.)

i've had way too much caffiene and way too little sleep. time to run upstairs befopre i have to haul out that flyswatter again.

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