Tuesday, March 29, 2005

wasting time pondering brandon lee's demise

i'm wasting time at the radio station. dames and i are supposed to go to the 9:00 showing of the new kevin bacon flick- the woodsman....or something like that. (the woodcutter? lumber jack? paul bunyan: behind the music? wait......that last one's gotta be cable worthy- i should email vh1 with that suggestion) anyway, i have 40 minutes before i meet her, so i figured i'd tinker with the ol' webpage for a little while, and since this is linked to the page, a new entry seemed natural. (besides, it's been a couple of days, and i owe it to the five people- readership is up!- who read this to provide them with something new to peruse.)

i learned an interesting tidbit (to me, anyway) earlier today. while my two year olds napped and i stuffed my face, i worked my way through the latest issue of one of the, like, three girly magazines to which i subscribe. so there i was, reading.....uhm....i think it was vogue, since it was devoid of the exercise tips and "success stories" from formerly fat people featured in the other two girly magazines i read. anyway, there i was, flipping past the fashion spreads featuring clothes i'll never be able to afford and probably wouldn't wear anyway, past the photos of the various "beautiful people" of new york, and started reading some of the book/tv/movie reviews. buried in one of the tv reviews, i found the answer to a question i'd been preoccupied with a few years back.

remember when the crow came out back in the early 90's? it's a great film- one of my favorites, in fact. (despite the fact that i still haven't found the time to wrestle my special edition copy out of its nearly impenetrable plastic covering.) anyway, there was a big to-do about it, because during the production of the film, its star, the undisputable hunk (not to mention fairly talented actor) brandon lee was killed tragically by a bullet that was accidentally loaded (instead of a blank) into one of the guns that was being used as a prop in the film.
my apologies to all of my high school english teachers (especially mrs. karen mccarthy) for that horrible run-on sentence. please don't hold it against me.

anyway, at the time i'd tried to search out the name of the actor who'd accidentally shot brandon lee. however, we didn't have the internet at my house and i was too lazy to prowl through back issues of magazines at the library to try and figure it out, and......then other things took higher priority- like getting through my high school classes....and the college ones...and finding jobs...and stuff of that sort and eventually "who killed brandon lee?" just didn't seem like such an important question.

it's funny how sometimes topics that seemed inportant fall by the wayside and then are reawakened later on. in the past week, brandon lee (and the crow, which, let's face it, was certainly better than at least the first sequel (the only one i bothered to see), despite even the presence of iggy pop) was mentioned in two articles i read- in vastly different magazines, no less. the topic first came up in this month's issue of spin magazine, which featured an article on "the 66.6 greatest moments in goth". (i hope i quoted that properly. i left my copy of the magazine in the studio and it appears someone else wandered off with it.) one of the moments- the exact number escapes me- had a picture of brandon lee (as the crow) accompanied by a mention of the film and the fact that he was killed during the production. i thought about looking up the name of the shooter, but again, other things took greater priority.

so there, i sat, stuffing my face and flipping through my magazine while the little ones slept, and i started reading the reviews. there, buried in one of the tv reviews, i found an answer i'd sought briefly years ago and never found. (an answer you probably couldn't care less about, but after all, it's my blog and it's important to me.) just in case you wondered (or you're boning up on jeopardy worthy trivia), the name of the actor who shot brandon lee during the making of the crow is michael massee. he's in some upcoming show with bill pullman. somehow the name of it just didn't seem as important........

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