Tuesday, March 15, 2005

what was that noise?

i'm borrowing my mechanic's computer while he changes my oil, rotates my tires, and checks to make sure my car will make the 2,000+ miles journey to kansas city and back this weekend. my not quite 3 1/2 year old zx2 has better than 55,000 miles on it, and while i'm not really worried, i still have my fingers crossed that he doesn't find anything majorly wrong with it.

the title of this entry refers not to my beloved vehicle, but to the unfortunate ripping i heard as i squatted down to help one of my two-year olds in the bathroom. i have never been so glad to have two shirts with me- one wound up around my waist, lest small children wind up scarred for life at the site of my pale white butt.

ah, yes.....some moments remind me what a dork i really am. unfortunately, this dork has a "to do" list as long as my arm....the latest overnight babysitting gig starts tomorrow, and not only do i have to prepare for that, but i will drop off the younger child at school on my way out of town friday- a trip for which i still must pack. just a little motivation, there. but first, i must change these pants.

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