Saturday, March 05, 2005

gnomads and college movies

"mr.brightside", by the killers, was the first song i heard when i got into my car this morning. consequently, a good portion of my commute to work was spent singing in a bad british accent. i'm jazzed we're finally playing it. it remains to be seen whether i'll get to play it when i'm on air in a couple of hours. (i'll get up and look after i'm done with this.)

*yawning* 'scuse me. it was a long week with with a lot of that "early to rise" stuff. i'm not feeling any healthier, wealthier, or wiser, but that could be because i still went to bed pretty late on a nightly basis. ugh- i think it's finally caught up to me. so much for my plan to work out after my shift....unless i hit a second wind. (or a first wind, really, this early in the morning.)

yesterday was an odd day. things were a little rough in the wonderful world of two year olds, but they behaved a little bit better after their two hour nap. bodhi, my favorite gnomad, was back in town- and brought a friend- so i showed them around school. i took their picture with my boss, who asked if they'd be on my website, too. i was also warned to watch what i say on here....parents might be reading. so- i suppose future entries about school and my observations on parenting are put on hold.....for now. my school day ended with quite a compliment from an unexpected source, which made my day. i'll have to remember to scribble it into my private journal, which has been sorely neglected since i started my blog. maybe i'll just print out all my blog postings, staple them into my journal, and consider myself caught up..........

the state newspaper recently did an online poll to find out readers' favorite "teenage"movie from the past 20 years.....the results came out in thursday's paper. two out of the top five 80s films are from the 80s. in case you missed the article, here's the top 10:

1. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
2. The Breakfast Club
3. Dazed & Confused
4. American Pie
5. Napoleon Dynamite
6. Pretty in Pink
7. Clueless/Love & Basketball (tie)
9. Say Anything
10. House Party

where's "Can't Hardly Wait" on this list? what about "Real Genius"? oh, right- that was a college movie. in fact, there are a bunch of good college movies out there.....what are your favorites? leave me a comment or two, and after i have a few built up, i'll set up a poll on my wnok website.
ok- that's an ambitious enough project for today........


Anonymous said...

My favorite college movies are: FRIDAY: Reminds of my old roommate.
SWINGERS: "You're money baby..."
MEMENTO: That movie will mess with you, in a good way.


duff said...

memento wasn't a movie about college...unless i really missed something when i watched it. i'll agree it's a good movie, though- i've got it on special edition dvd.

dames said...

so movies about college or movies i watched a lot when i was IN college? then again a lot of movies focus on teenage drama and the one last great senior year and summer before college...hmmm...

movies i watched a lot in college
dazed & confused
reality bites
pretty woman
four weddings and a funeral

movies about education that i love
dead poets society
mr.holland's opus
stand and deliver

party / school movies
old school
animal house
american pie

teenage /school dramas:
breakfast club
st.elmo's fire
pretty in pink
can't hardly wait
save the last dance
varsity blues
10 things i hate about you
say anything
can't buy me love
pump up the volume

am i helping or confusing things more?

Anonymous said...

If you're going to put a poll on WNOK.COM, below are college movies that must be included. Now I'm not talking about movies one may have watched in College, but movies where a college has a prominent role.

Animal House - Quite simply the best movie ever made
Old School - Worthy effort
Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle - Underrated movie worth seeing
Van Wilder - Another pretty good college movie that snuck in under the radar

OK these are the comedies, but what about the dramas? Separate poll here...

Flatliners - Medical students and some very questionable experiments
A Perfect Mind - Real life can be so much more amazing than fiction
Dead Poets Society – You just can't make a private college look cool
Mona Lisa Smile - Chick version of Dead Poets Society
Good Will Hunting - How 'bout them apples?

- Scott