Wednesday, March 23, 2005

i need slezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

i've spent several hours catching up on laundry, phone messages, and it's already after midnight. i know it may sound like i accomplished a little something, but i don't feel it, because i still haven't sorted out the giant heap of makeup in my living room and bagged it up for delivery. in fact, maybe a fifth of my orders are done. i feel like i'm letting customers down- i'm already a couple of days behind after my weekend trip- but i am about to pass out.....sleep deprivation, anyone?

one final thought before i crawl into bed.......whatever happened to taking road trips? i spoke to several folks at work today- both parents and teachers- and most were aghast that i drove 15 hours by myself from here to kansas city (and back) this past weekend. when i was little, we drove everywhere. i wasn't on my first plane until middle school. is it merely a matter of convenience? (why speant umpteen hours in a car when you can reach your destination after a few hours on a plane?) does it tie into the lack of vacation time americans have compared to folks in other countries? (we want to make to most of our vacations, so we fly to save time and have more to spend at our destination?) something to ponder....i had plenty of time to think about it during the drive......

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freewriter said...

you need sleaze do you mean? I can help with that.