Monday, March 14, 2005

now playing on my mental jukebox...

i know eyes are watching, so i have to write a guarded entry this evening. it's killing me, because i'm a pretty open person, and tend to say what's on my mind. however, all i can say this evening is uuuuggghhh- what a day.

not that it was all bad. i mean, really- aren't there good moments in even the crappiest of days? i got several avon orders, somehow managed to get my savings account up to a decent level, and realized that a magazine for which i won a free subscription a couple years ago has started sending me duplicate copies. fine by me- it's a music magazine, and i'm more than happy to tote the extra copies into work for other djs to use.

songs in my head today: "she drives me crazy", by the fine young cannibals (heard it on the morning rush this morning), "mr. brightside", by the killers (one of my current favorites- second only to "dragostea din tei" by o-zone), and for some reason, as i nuked leftover burritoes for dinner, "you sexy thing" -the dee-lite cover, not the original- played in my head. the last selection is particularly interesting, since i'm currently quite unsexy- a little bloated, completely zitty, in desperate need of some treadmill time, and so forth. (now, where's that call from playboy? need to panic, dad.) nothing like lack of sleep, stress and tasty junkfood to screw things up.

speaking of a lack of sleep.....i should attend to that, instead of the other six things i need to do tonight.

anyone else remember the posies? their song "lights out" is now playing on my mental jukebox. i'll take that as a hint.....

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