Thursday, March 03, 2005

feet and mouth dis-ease

i have no idea what to write about this evening.

i was hoping getting that out in the open would lift the writer's block, but it has not yet abated. ah well- maybe something will come to me.

my mouth is killing me. as you may know, i have braces. (picture to come when i have access to the camera and am actually thinking about taking a picture- or conning someone else into taking one for me.) well, occasionally, those braces rub against the inside of my mouth, and then canker-type sores appear....not a good time. the last time this happened was right after i got my braces. my face swelled up and i looked like i'd been in a barroom brawl. of course, that was the day we had our i.d. pictures taken at school. can you say...reshoot? anyway, i am currently battling a canker sore on each inside corner of my lips, if that makes any sense. all i know is that it hurts....badly, and the lemonade i just attempted to drink didn't exactly help matters any. (sometimes i'm not all that bright.)

the high point of my day was getting one of my gnomes back in the mail. i know- it's a little sad my life currently revolves around a couple of 4 1/2" tall plastic figures. i need a life, and i know it....or do i? you only live once, so you might as well live a little. besides, i've had george michael, my little plastic poseable traveling companion for three years now....the gnomads just have a conveniently constructed webpage for near-instant gratification. nothing wrong with that, especially in a society that has become so overconvenient.

the low point of my day? a conversation that left me wondering if it is possible to be too much of a friend- how much do you put up with from a friend without feeling like a doormat? something i've pondered. i know, it's mostly just my irritation at being fussed at for something defies explanation. maybe i should just look at it as building up good karma or something- i don't know.

interesting tidbit: mama told me a while back that if you're of mediterranean descent, your second toe will be longer than your big toe. this leads me to my most interesting (and possible favorite) feature- my feet. not necessarily my favorite feature because they're so gosh darn cute, but because they're unique. my mom is half italian, and the second toe on my right foot is slightly longer than my big toe on the same foot. my dad is of germanic descent, and my left foot reflects that, as the second toe is just slightly shorter than my big toe. just another of my quirks, i guess. i'm trying to remember what brought up our most recent discussion of the topic- i think it was an article i'd come across about how some women were getting their toes surgically altered if their second toes were longer than the big ones. it scares me to think we've actually become that vain.

don't know why i brought up the foot thing- just something i thought about earlier today, while i was in the shower.

i guess that's all for now. it was a rough day with the two year olds, and i'm more than a little worn out.

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