Saturday, March 12, 2005

linden trees? lime trees? i like it either way

at some point last weekend, i mentioned that i'd been watching the music video that inspired the "numa numa dance" that's been all over the internet. well, i've been at it again. we have a link to it on wnok's website, but i figured i should also put a link here.

while we're at it, here's a lego parody of the video i just found. (i started off with a link to the site where i found the parody, but then i couldn't get it open. so, here's WNOK's link.)

it seems i'm not the only one who likes this song- check out what i just found on another blog.

so what's the appeal? well, there are some similarities to the video for "take on me" by aha. (egads- is that song really 20 years old?!?) it also features relatively simple lyrics, an infectious beat......all that cliched pop stuff. oh- and the boys of o-zone are pretty easy on the eyes, i suppose.

will we ever play them on 104.7 wnok? i doubt it, unless they cut something in english. will i go out and buy the cd anyway? it's already on my list.

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