Sunday, March 13, 2005

lions and tigers and bears and....5 year olds?

the gnomes and i made it to the zoo yesterday, despite my working late at 104.7 WNOK. we got a couple strange looks, several chuckles, and a few of folks stopped to admire the gnomes as they posed for pictures. if you care to look, i've got both bodhi's and martin's photos added to their pages on the gnomads website. (in case you're wondering, martin is not mine- he's visiting from florida, and i'll pass him on after our trip to kansas city next weekend.) have you checked out bodhi's enounter with recording artist howie day yet? if not, you can find it here.

i'm pleased to report i survived the slumber party last night.there's nothing quite like entertaining 17 (mostly) 4 year olds at once. for the most part, the kids were well behaved, and easy to keep in line. around 11 p.m., we witnessed "mommy fever". as soon as the barbie rapunzel movie ended, one child wanted to go home. as soon as she was picked up, another wanted to go home. and another. and another. and another. originally i'd planned on staying until everyone was asleep, but a couple of the kids were still bright eyed and bushy tailed at midnight, so i wished the party hosts well and drove home. from what i understand, the last of the lonely kids was picked up around 1:00, and everyone else was asleep about half an hour later. not bad for a first slumber party, though. *yawn* excuse me, i need a nap.

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