Tuesday, March 08, 2005

engaged? (not me, of course)

it's been an interesting day. i emailed a dear friend of mine to let him know that i'm driving out to kansas city in a week and a half (for a wedding), and his reply came today. it was brief, and a little puzzling, but it was good to hear from him.......and a little unexpected. he said he had something to tell me.....so of course i've spent the afternoon thinking the worst and hoping for the best.

i could elaborate, but maybe that's something best saved for later.

i worked out on the treadmill tonight for the first time in an embarrassingly long time. i just went for half an hour, but i got almost two miles in while listening to duran duran's "greatest" cd. i have every intention of getting up early in the morning to put in some more time on the treadmill, but don't hold me to that- i have a hard enough time waking up in the morning as is.

song running through my head right now- "dragostea din tei" (or however the $%&@ it's spelled) by o-zone......it's the song that was popularized by the dude who did the "numa numa dance". (link to follow when i have the time to look it up.) someone gave me a gift certificate to amazon awhile back. i wonder if they have the album.....not that i'm going to mess with it tonight.

that's it for this episode. there's more i could write, but there's also an open bag of "smoky bacon" potato chips (brought back from canada) calling my name.

maybe i'll be a little more interesting tomorrow.

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