Tuesday, November 01, 2005

you searched for what??? (part twelve)

wet my pants at school

i didn't really wet them. i mean, they got wet...and i was responsible for their deliberate wetting, but ...uh....aw heck- just put the depends down. i don't need them.

yes, kids, it's time once again to sneak a peek inside my statcounter account and see how on earth some of you folks found me. (which isn't to say i'm not glad you did, but you have to admit, people are just plain strange sometimes....)

loud hiccups

you know, i'm really glad that hiccuping isn't like yawning. if i read the word "yawn", i can't resist the urge to open wide and stretch out my arms. if reading "hiccup" got me started, i'd be in big trouble right about now.

hilary duffs bra size

once again, i've managed to get confused with joel madden's girlfriend. i can only imagine your disappointment. however, as a service to you, i will take a wild-assed guess: 38DD

hilary duffs cell phone number

because of course she's going to answer if she sees you on her caller i.d. put down that mouse and back away from the keyboard slowly, okay there, stalker?

and speaking of hilary....
hilary duffs back round check

no, really- that was the search. (somehow, i came up first, believe it or not.)

What Dreams Are Made of -Hilary Duff Random

hilary wasn't in that movie, was she?

billy idol wearing leather pants

thanks to this post, i'm the third result for this search. maybe now he'll finally notice me.

and while we're on the subject of blond boys i wouldn't mind being noticed by....

gunnar nelson musings

yep- the nelson twins.....one two of the reasons i can't seem to walk away from the tv during one of those "i love the 80s 3d" episodes"

fee waybill rocky horror show europe 2005

fee waybill? wasn't he one of the tubes? i'll stick with tim curry as frank n. furter- thanks.

finally, something with an international sort of flair:

polish babes

1. i'm not polish
2. i don't feel particularly babelike
3. somehow, i still came up as the #2 result for this search.

i shudder to think what some of you folks will come up with next.


ltlme said...

the most interesting one I got was: hands washing teaching kindergarden

jamwall said...

wet pants in school.

i remember when i was in 6th grade, we had those cubby-hole desks. anyway, i left my classroom to go to another class (can't remember, industrial arts or something). when i returned, i found out that some girl pissed on my desk.

apparently it was accidental, but here was the real poser... she was made to clean it up, but her pants WERE DRY!

she would have had to remove her pants, get on top of my desk and urinate right there!

over two decades later, i'm still trying to figure out if there was any logic behind such a dastardly peeing mishap--or possibly, "peeing conspiracy!"