Saturday, November 26, 2005

shiny and new

i've done it. i've finally broken down and joined the 21st century and purchased a new toy. it's something owned by most people i know, but i'm sure mine's prettier, if not better than most.

(no- i still refuse to buy a cell phone.)

okay- done bragging- i bought myself a laptop. i've scrimped and saved lately, so when i saw this little beauty at best buy the other day, i figured "why not?"

(the only reason you don't see this little beauty yet is that photoshop won't get loaded onto it until i get back home....)

guess this means i have one less excuse for not having my holiday letter done yet.


Motherdear said...

Congratulations, duff! Your "Sentence Saturday" Series has been nominated for an Excellence Award for Best Series at the Order of Brilliant Bloggers (, a grassroots organization dedicated to the recognition of excellent blogging. Please encourage your loyal readers to come to The Order and cast a vote for you between December 1st and December 5th at 11:59:59 PM EST, and to nominate other posts and sites in the many recognized categories!

We are pleased at your nomination, and wish you luck in the voting! And thank you for your contributions to excellent blogging!

Bobby said...

I am so saving for a laptop. Mine, that I got free, broke after two months, and to fix it is more than a new one.

anyway, I applaud you on not owning a cell phone.

and thanks for the nom.

jamwall said...

enjoy the new laptop duff and thanks for the nomination!

Joefish said...

No cell phone? Bravo! We can be Luddite freaks together.

just thinking said...

Congrats--- Sometimes I wish I didn't have a cell phone *sigh*

.: raven :. said...

i do not own a lap top ... i barely own a computer that works.