Saturday, November 26, 2005

sentence saturday #5

forgive me for the late start this week....somehow going to bed seemed like a better idea than firing up the computer in the wee hours of the morning.

if you're a new participant, read this first.

otherwise, go ahead and scroll down to the last comment to find your word.

the first word this week is striflet.


Femi-mommy said...

oh first first!!! i was so excited to be first i popped my striflet and messed my hoopadies!!


bricotrout said...

the calogen injections were just what her lover had been wanting. never before had he wanted to suck on her hoopadies so badly and now they stuck out further than ever. even other women in the rom were licking their lips while staring at her.


Anonymous said...

Well he though she looked a little puffed up from the botox party, her lips were so lipteronus that he thought he might get his Christmas present early this year.


mr_g said...

I test drove the new Bonoflat, but it drove like crap!


Spinning Girl said...

My new corn-shucking method, the huskadiddle, was so popular that the Green Giant told me to patent it.


just thinking said...

The party got so out of hand, the cops had to come in and straighten out the braheehee.


duff said...

i'm guessing most folks are still out of town, and are resisting the urge to play on the internet while on vacation.

i am not one of those people.

sentence saturday will be back (hopefully in fighting form) next week.....jakeldrorf will be our first word.

Bobby said...

Sorry I missed it this week, it is usually a highlight of my weekend. :)

I will mark it on my calendar for next week.....