Thursday, November 10, 2005

you searched for what??? (lucky thirteen)


once i threw out all of the hilary duff foot searches, i still had some seriously odd queries for this post. (i'm still waiting for the day when i see a search that completely blows my mind, but you folks are getting closer and closer by the day.)

Pictures of hilary duff holding a real piglet

hope you found what you were looking for, buddy- thought it sure as heck wasn't here.

local columbia south carolina pork skins

thanks to this post (which i'm sure offended the searcher no end), i came up as result #19 for this search.

how local are we talking, buddy? do you want pork rinds from the pig down the street? is across town too far? what do you have against pork rinds imported from other southern states? were you looking for original flavor, or barbeque? would that be the "northern" ketchup-based barbeque sauce, or the more "southern" mustard based sauce?

the possibilities are endless with this one, folks.

Show me a good back round picture for my computer

you mean, like a good "background" picture?

disregard the snickering- it's just me.

dirty girl mud wrestling

this is something that, quite frankly, brings a smile to my face, because:

1. you said i'm dirty. (yet, i'm glad i'm not drrrrrty, like christina aguilera...though i'd love to have her legs- i mean, did you see her in that issue of rolling stone about a month ago? she's far more dedicated to working out than i, i'll tell you that much.)

2. the searcher behind this one actually scrolled through 13 other pages of results to get to me.

3. despite being surrounded by videos that i'm guessing aren't exactly work-safe, and girls who like girls and team sports, the aforementioned searcher picked me. (let's face it- that's some pretty tough competition!)

lyrics to the pepto-bismol commercial

look closely folks....this seems to be the level to which biz markie has sunk. no longer are folks using his name to find longer do they care about that timeless classic, "just a friend"- now they just want to know the symptoms cured by a little pepto. *sigh*

speaking of rappers, you'll love this next one. it took me a minute to get it, and another five to stop giggling and pick myself back up off the floor:

rapper topock

hee hee hee.

i suppose i'm a little disappointed- i was the last result for this search. then again, only five of us fit this unique query.

finally, i swore i wouldn't post anything for those hilary duff fans with foot fetishes, but this search was flattering enough to make the cut:

famous sexy feet

somebody cue the music.

if you like my tootsies and you think they're sexy
come on sugar let me know......

actually, after a day in shoes sans socks (i know- not my brightest idea, but i figured it would take at least two rounds before the shoes got even the tiniest bit funky), i think a good scrubbing's in order before anyone even begins to think of my feet as sexy. so, while i locate both febreze and some serious soap, perhaps you'd like to check out other people's (much sexier) naked feet and whatnot.

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